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Taylor Wane Attacks The Camera Of Death

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I’m taking stills and video at the red carpet (1707 Vine Blvd) and Taylor Wane loses her head. She tells the other models that I’m an “asshole” and then she shoves me and my cameras. Video

I did nothing tonight to provoke her. I haven’t written about her in years. I’ve even, at times, accommodated her requests that I not photograph her. 

New Videos. Stormy (not Wicked’s Stormy Daniels) interview. Video Video

I interview De’Bella. (Video)

Luke: “Why did you get in front of the camera?”

De’Bella: “I was turning 50 and wanted to do something different. My husband [Larry Schwarz, a marketing guy at Red Light District] pushed me into it.”

“I enjoyed it for a while but it got crazy. For someone my age to be doing DPs and anal.”

“Now I’m getting behind the camera. In front of the camera, I’ll still do girl-girl and solo.”

Luke: “What do you love and hate about being a porn star?”

De’Bella: “I love the attention.”

“Like any industry, women are taken advantage of and pushed to their limits. I felt like I was pushed to my limits. I tried to do what a 19-year old did. I did it. I got hurt. I paid for that with a lot of medical expenses. But I’m on the right track now.”

Luke: “How high were your medical expenses?”

De’Bella: “I had insurance, thank God, but I had about $8,000 that insurance didn’t pay. That was back in December.”

Luke: “Were you able to say no? Did you find yourself getting pushed?”

De’Bella: “I found myself getting pushed. It was hard to say no to keep up in the industry because once you say no, it gets around…and you don’t get hired anymore. I found myself doing more and more things that I wouldn’t do in my private life and I’m not very proud of it.”

“I have a film out now by Red Light called ‘De’Bella’s Young Fellas.’ That was a very rough and degrading film. It was like I was being raped.”

“There are four guys that pick me up in an alley and pretty much beat the crap out of me. One time I’m choking and he really is choking me. My eyes roll back in the back of my head. I thought, I gotta do this. I felt like they expected me to be my best because I worked for them. So I tried to do my best for them. Then afterwards, I was ashamed of what I did. But it will probably sell well.”

Juan Cuba directed the movie.

Luke: “How prepared were you for what was going to happen?”

De’Bella: “I put myself as De’Bella, not myself. I mentally prepare myself the morning of the shoot and put myself in a different zone and forget about who I really am. You have to do that.”

“When I first started, I had to take a lot of prescription drugs (vicodin and muscle relaxers) to get through things. I did have a prescription drug problem. I’m over it now. It’s taken me about six weeks.”

“DPs aren’t as bad as anals. They don’t do it like you’d do it in real life. They do it hard and fast and rough. It’s not pleasurable. A lot of girls wouldn’t say this on camera for fear of their career.”

Luke: “How did it go from being a lark to being a career?”

De’Bella: “My husband pushed me into it for the money. He liked to see me on film more than I did. I don’t even watch my films.”

Luke: “He got sexually excited by seeing you degraded?”

De’Bella: “Yeah. He liked me doing a lot of interracial films. I’d never been with  black guy before in my life until I got six months into filming. I did what he wanted me to do. I felt like I was a prisoner within myself.”

“When I look at some of the old films I’ve done, I look strung out. I didn’t know I was but I was strung out on prescription drugs. I also mixed them with a lot of alcohol. I went down to 118 pounds and I looked horrible.

“He made me look at this one film where my daughter [Jewel DeNyle] said I looked like a crack whore. I thought, ‘Where is she getting that?’ After watching that one film, I could see where she would get that impression. I looked higher than a kite. It was a movie I did for Mark Anthony and Evasive Angles.”

Luke: “What keeps you in this industry?”

De’Bella: “It’s the money. I also want to be their for the girls… They go to a scene that they’ve been told is boy-girl and it’ll be an anal scene and they’ll feel that if they don’t, the director won’t hire them anymore.”

Luke: “Would you still be married if you had never done any scenes?”

De’Bella: “Probably. If I had found out about my husband what he did to my daughter…”

De’Bella and Jewel DeNyle are talking again. Jewel has told De’Bella that Larry molested her when she was a kid. Jewel says Larry had a sexual relationship with her sister.

De’Bella: “I should’ve believed my daughter.”

“When you’ve been married to someone for so long who’s so controlling, then you believe everything they say.”

“I should’ve gone with my heart instead of my head.”

Luke: “How did working as a porn star affect your marriage?”

De’Bella: “Very much. In 28 years of marriage, I’d never had sex with anyone but my husband. When he said he liked seeing me with other men, he was more involved with watching me with other men than with me. It’s hard on a marriage. There are so many relationships that don’t last in this industry.”

Luke: “What was your initial reaction when you found out [in 1998] your daughter was doing porn?”

De’Bella: “I was devastated. I had lived all of my life in the Mid-West. I just thought porn was a mattress in a back alley. I didn’t realize there were companies with corporate offices…”

Luke: “In some ways, it’s worse than what you thought.”

De’Bella: “In some ways.”

Luke: “Why do you think porn can be reformed rather than it is just a cesspool and everything is just a band-aid?”

De’Bella: “Most things are a band-aid. Nothing can be truly reformed.”

I interview Stormy, a mother of two, who wants to get into porn.

She appears to be in her mid-twenties. “It’s just something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Stormy was first exposed to porn at age six. She came out of her bedroom to find her babysitter watching hardcore.

“It didn’t affect me. I just went back to bed.”

Her dad is a Baptish minister.

Luke: “Let’s say your kids are eight and they discover mommy has done some hardcore films. What will you say?”

Stormy: “If they are old enough to ask questions, they are old enough to get answers. It’s not bad. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Luke: “Why did mommy want to do this?”

Stormy: “It looked like fun.”

Kayla Paige was furious that her mother showed up to the Club Jenna porn party last Wednesday and chewed her out over the phone. The two had not spoken in months. Kayla’s mom is thinking of getting into porn. Kayla fears that will hurt her career.

My interview request to Kayla was not answered.

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