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Tayrn Thomas- Exclusive Interview


Taryn Thomas talks about her own company and their first movie…

Cindi: Why did you decide to start your own company rather than just making movies for others?

TARYN: I felt it was the right time to take my destiny into my own hands and therefore Taryn It Up Entertainment was born! For most, but not all, actors or actresses it is a natural progression to start directing and possibly own their own company if they want to truly express themselves and not have limitations placed on what they do on both sides of the camera. 


With Taryn It Up Entertainment I can totally control the product from start to finish – giving my fans what they want.  Trust me, fans have their opinions on what they want to see and it is so much easier to just do it on your own instead of working through others. 

Owning your own company also takes much more time and has financial risks, however if you are smart, surround yourself with good people and make wise decisions I feel it is worth the risk.  In the end the movie you produce is 100% of what you want and a studio does not end up leaving the good stuff “on the floor.”


C: How did you feel about directing the debut flick from your company?

T:It was interesting and I had fun directing Vogue Nasty but it was a ton of work but it paid off big time in the end!  I am so proud of the end product. 


It was just totally different than being just in front of the camera. I had help from Poppy Morgan who co-directed Vogue Nasty with me. I’ve been in hundreds of movies over the years and have a feel for what fans like and dislike – so being on the other side or sometimes both sides of the camera I can give my fans what they want and ask for. 

Did I nail everything perfect the first time? No. But as I continue to direct I will keep perfecting what I do and give the actors tips on making the product better for the fans – that what it is all about – giving them the best product we can.  People have tons of choices these days on what to watch and I want movies from Taryn It Up Entertainment to be the ones they want to see because we’ll have great Gonzo scenes with hot performers doing what the fans want!


C: Describe your favorite scene in the movie, including the sexy details.

T: My favorite scene in Vogue Nasty has to be the scene with Poppy Morgan and I. The scene was out of control. It is totally the hardest girl / girl scene I have ever shot. It was great! Lots of spit, kissing and ass fucking – all stuff to make an amazing scene. Plus Poppy and I have a lot of chemistry so it makes for a great scene. You know what, it makes me hot again just talking about it!  It was a lot of fun to do and when fans see it I think they will see just how hot we were for each other…


C: What was the funniest thing that happened on the set?

T: I am not sure if one funny moment stands out.  I think one thing the other actors laughed at or liked was me directing a scene then me being filmed in another.  I mean come on, one minute I have the “directors hat” on and I am telling an actress how I want her to take it up the ass in Vogue Nasty, show some expression, play to the camera then take a pop shot and then 30 minutes later Poppy is abusing my ass and I gotta play to the camera and get it right.  From the boss to being bossed around, it’s fun!  There are always lots of strange noises on a porn set – not always the most pleasant – ah, the joys of editing….


C: How hard was making your first movie? What mistakes did you make that you won’t make again?

T: Vogue Nasty was a learning curve from start to finish. It taught me a lot about everything from pre production to post production. It has been a learning experience that I will never forget and will now help me with my future productions for Taryn It Up Entertainment.

Nothing was done “wrong” in Vogue Nasty I just know with time and experience the end product will continue to get better and better for the fans. I really do appreciate their thoughts and opinions on my movies. 

The next movie we are shooting is a feature based around me in early October. That movie will be remembered for a long time – we’re on track to do it right and totally nail it. I am very excited – we have some truly amazing over-the-top scenes planned with lots of award winning performers – come on, let’s go fuck!


C: Give us a synopsis of the movie.

T: That is easy – Vogue Nasty is why I started Taryn It Up Entertainment.  Vogue Nasty is raw, boundary pushing, uninhibited, totally edgy Gonzo sex with no limitations!  Hot sex on film for my fans to enjoy!


C: Where can we buy it and when?

T:  Fans and distributors wanting to see the high energy and explicitness Vogue Nasty offers can go to to see a trailer of my sexual romps along with ordering information – it will be released on October 6th.  I am so proud of it.  I hope that everyone likes it as much as I do!


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