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Teagan Forced to Quit?

I had heard from multiple sources that the supposed amicable split between Digital Playground and Teagan Presley was mostly PR spin. Teagan was overheard saying at the AEE show in Las Vegas that Digital Playground were attempting to prevent her from working for other companies through some form of non-compete clause.

I also heard she retained the same lawyer that helped Tera Patrick get out of her contract with Digital.

Teagan posts the following on ADT:

My lawyers don’t seem to be getting things done (as of right now), which makes me very sad, because I was putting some faith into them, but for some reason it’s taking it’s sweet time…of course at my expense in every which way. I’m being put in between a rock & a hard place. Between the lawyers & ongoing situation it is neverending with the drama. It doesn’t seem like it’s coming to a point which is looking like it’s going to force me to QUIT.

I feel bad for all of the fans because I’ve tried my hardest to play by the rules of life, business, legal systems, etc., so that I would be able to continue to fuck on camera for all you perverts out there to enjoy!! (Especially, because I want to direct & put my own spin on things. If I had failed , then at least I would have tried. It seems as of now it’s looking like I won’t be able to. This is NOT by MY choice, all I want to do is be free of this nonsense situation. If anything happens in the near future that changes this situation, all of my fans will be the first to know. (In a perfect world, I dare to dream of simplicity)

As of right now, it’s drained me mentally & physically to such an extreme extent. Everyone talks about my weight, & I’ve bitten my lip for so long trying to make nice with everyone. But come on, STRESS that people are putting me & my family through under such circumstances are taking a toll on me. I can’t let me or my family suffer. They are the most important things & it’s starting to affect them.

I won’t be answering any questions as of right now from the fans due to the circumstances of my post because I know it will only open “Pandor’s Box”. If I have any news you can always check on my blog on my site (which is probably in limbo as well, knowing my luck these past 2 years)

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