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Teagan Presley- Exclusive interview-Part 1

Teagan Presley is a busy little girl. She attended the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas where she performed and hosted parties and signed for hours at the convention, won awards, and got the flu.  She went home for one day to unpack, repack and catch a plane. This time to Philly to do four feature dance shows with her beautiful buddies Eva Angelina & Sunny Leone. A lot has happened since I last interviewed Teagan. She got engaged to her boyfriend and business partner, Josh. Teagan, Josh & Eva own the movie company, skinworXXX together.  Teagan & Eva star in the movies and Josh directs them. SkinworXXX has produced two movies so far. Sun Goddess Malibu & Deviance both have won awards. Teagan also signed on as a contract girl with Adam & Eve. She ALWAYS has so much going on, I don’t know how she keeps up the schedule. I call her between shows in Philly. Josh is there too, so he pipes up once in awhile during our chat. And because we are all friends it was a bit difficult to stay on track for our interview. I’d ask a question and then we would go off on a tangent, but I think that makes it all the more interesting. Hope you do to!

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy Of Teagan Presly
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: Hi Sweetie! You must be exhausted. You didn’t even have a day off between all that’s been going on.
Teagan: I know. I literally got home, washed underwear and put the clothes in the other suitcase, and headed out for the airport.
X: Well I would love to have a chat with you guys but I know you don’t have that much time to talk so I guess we have to do our interview because you are going to need to get ready for your show really soon.
T: I know. In Vegas I had a make-up artist so all I had to do was sit there. But when I feature I have to do my own make-up, so I have to get ready and it is so much of a process.
X: I have seen many pictures of you without make-up and you look beautiful and you don’t look that different to me. But I guess if you are on stage with the lights and everything you have to have a lot of make up on.
Josh: She looks really young without makeup.
X: Well if you gave her ponytails and a schoolgirl outfit, she could do one of those kinds of shows.
J: That’s a good idea.
X: You could call that tour Deviant, instead of Deviance.
T:  (laughs)

X: So you are dancing again tonight with Eva and Sunny. How do you work it with the three of you on stage at the same time?
T: We do all three of us together at once.  It gets more hectic if we’ve had a few drinks. (Laughs)
X: What are you all doing when you are up there?
T: We each have our area. The only time you have to worry is if we are switching positions and someone is doing a pole trick, you have to watch to not get hit in the face with a foot.
X: Do you guys do touchy, feely, kissy stuff?
T: Yeah, we do.  We each go to a side and then we will come back and meet in the middle.
X: It must be nice to have two other girls there on stage, so all the pressure isn’t on you.
T: Yeah, because when you are the only one on stage, if your butt is facing one way your head has to be facing the other way.  You don’t want one side of the bar to get bored while you are paying attention to the other.  When there are other girls it keeps everyone’s constant attention.

X: Did you have fun at the convention?
T: Yes I did.
X: Did anything interesting happen with your fans?
T: Well I mentioned something on twitter about my flight, I didn’t mention flight numbers or times or anything. But we landed and were walking in the airport. When we got to the escalator, before we even got to baggage claim, these guys were looking at me all funny and I thought they were looking for somebody. But when I got nearer, one said hey can you sign this? And it was a picture and he had a marker and everything. I was shocked. I had just gotten off the plane and it was one o’clock in the morning.  I guess they scoped out our flight and figured out what time we were coming in and what baggage claim and everything.
X: Do a lot of people sell your autographs?
J: Of all the girls, Teagan’s fake autographs seems to be the most prolific, to the tune of eighty-eight hundred of ‘em on Ebay.
X: Wow. It wouldn’t even be worth Teagan selling them herself, she would be competing with all those fakes.
J: Exactly.
X: You sure did bring some awards home from Vegas. You won Best Solo Sex Scene, so that one is all your own. But you also won Best All Girl Sex Scene in Deviance with Sunny Leone, Eva, and Alexis Texas, AND Deviance won Best High End All-Sex Release!
T: We’re excited. It’s nice. Everybody thought, oh crap, Deviance isn’t going to win, they’re brand new. It was vindication when we did win.

X: You deserve it. So what is Josh buying you for Valentine’s Day?
J: Nothing.
X: Nothing? Try again. Different answer.
J: I’m trying to take her on a vacation but I don’t know when it’s going to be because we have such a busy schedule.
X: When I interviewed Teagan a little more then a year ago you guys said you were going to go on a vacation. Did you ever get to go?
T: Yes we did. We went to Jamaica for ten days.
X: Well that was nice. So you can’t complain too much because you did get to go somewhere nice.
T: Well I had to take care of little Mister cause he got drunk.
X: I can’t believe that, because Josh seems so in control and anal about everything and keeping it all exactly perfect.
T: He is while he is throwing up in the front yard bushes.
J: Even when I am drunk I am in control because I never let myself completely go.

X: You do in the bedroom though, because you guys have some wild  stories.
T: Sometimes.
J: We have a new thing that we’ve been doing, we go back and we watch all…
T: That was you. You started that.
J: Yes I did. Now we go back and we watch all of Teagan’s old scenes
X: And you have sex with Teagan, while you watch Teagan.
J: Yes.
X: Tea, I think you are the one who started that whole thing on twitter. People were talking about, “Do you have sex while you watch your own scenes?”  And someone else said that they masturbated to their scenes. It was going all over the place. Heidi Mayne wrote an essay about it. And I think it was you who began the discussion.
T: Well yeah, because everyone was afraid to admit it.

X: So do you look at yourself fucking someone and masturbate?
T: Usually it’s part of our foreplay. Usually I don’t masturbate. If I want to have sex I want to get to it. And I am never alone. We are with each other every second of every day, seven days a week. So I am never really alone to masturbate. So if I have a penis right there to use what is the point of masturbating, ya know? So that is really a big thing that I have won best solo scene two years in a row since I don’t really masturbate. So I guess that means that I am really good at it when I do do it.
X: You actually are really good at it. Because most of the solo scenes I’ve seen are boring and look fake or over acted. But yours looks hot and real.
T: Well maybe they know exactly what to do to get the sensation, where with me, since I never do it, I’m like WHOO!
X: It’s more fun because it’s almost like virgin masturbation.
T: Yeah, because ya never do it, just like girls that don’t do anal very much and then they do it and get all these raves about it because they don’t do it that often.

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