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Teagan Presley- Exclusive Interview- Part 2

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Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy Of Teagan Presly
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

X: You’ve been talking about moving to Vegas for a while. Do you know when you are going to do that?
T: That’s been the question that we’ve been asking ourselves for the past year. Right now we are saying maybe March, maybe April, who knows.
X: Are you renting or do you have to sell a house?
T: We have a house to sell that’s part of the problem.
J: Well of course we are selling it as move into Teagan Presley’s old house.
T: Shut up!
X: Teagan you should autograph the walls and then put the house on EBay.
T: (laughs)

X: So what happened to Harley (their pet pig) did you eat him for breakfast?
T: We sent him back to the farm.
J: He was a fucking nightmare. It was a mistake.
T: Told you!
X: He was so cute!
J: He was, but that was in pictures. The honest truth is that everyone has a different personality and that pig is an asshole! Are we doing the interview yet Cindi?
(Everyone cracks up)
X: Okay let’s talk about Adam & Eve. Congratulations on your new contract! I heard you were making a movie with Bree Olson.
T: Yep we shot it last month. It was good.
J: She killed that scene. She was really dominant over Bree. They had good chemistry together. It was very, very dirty.
X: Details?
T: We shot “Bree & Teagan” a couple days before Christmas in LA.  It was probably the hottest single girl on girl scene I’ve shot.
X: What do you think is most attractive about Bree? And what was the most fun about doing your scene together?
T: Bree is totally unique to the business.  First of all, her body is all natural.  Second, she goes from the girl next door from Indiana to a total slut, zero to sixty in 2.2 seconds.
X: Tell me why you think this scene will be so good?
T: Our chemistry was off the charts, and I think it will be one of those scenes that surprises people, as I gave it back to Bree as hard as she gave it to me, and fans are gonna see a very dirty side of me they haven’t seen in my scenes before.
X: I love Bree. She is so sweet and open, and I love her nasty tweets! Sounds like you guys did a hot scene!
J: Teagan was stretching her vagina wide open. There were a lot of fluids every where. Teagan did anal with a toy.
T: Every scene I have done so far has been anal.
X: Think they are trying to tell you something?
J: Yeah, that she’s an asshole.
(Everyone cracks up)

X: I knew you were going to say that. So have you worked yet with the other beautiful A& E contract girl Alexis Ford?
T: Not yet!  I am going to do a content/magazine shoot with her though in February it appears, and I can ‘t wait.  She’s a fun and sweet girl.
X: Alexis told me when I talked to her that she was really looking forward to working with you also. And that she had a blast going to Busch Gardens with you and Josh. That seems like an appropriate place to go. Was there any sex in the BUSH?
T: We all went to Busch Gardens together, me, Josh, Alexis and two of the great ladies behind the scenes at Adam & Eve.  No funny business though, but we did have a ton of fun!
X: Do you miss doing guys on camera?
T: No I don’t miss doing guys on camera.  I’m happy with the jerk I have at home, and I like the idea of going into uncharted territory with girl on girl as I had only done a handful of girl/girl scenes before retiring from boy/girl.  I am trying to set the bar higher for girl-only performers, and turn those scenes into something even the most die-hard  fan of boy/girl scenes will like.  Joshua encourages me to be the dirtiest I can be, and I think fans can recognize it’s still me getting fucked in the ass, regardless of whether it is a guy doing it or now Eva Angelina or Sasha Grey.
X: With this whole new crop of hot young male talent, who do you think is attractive? I’m a Rocco Reed fan at present.
T: As far as the new guys, honestly, I haven’t even checked them out.  I see them on Twitter and I get an occasional direct message from some of the new guys who don’t know I don’t do boys anymore if they can shoot with me.  I just don’t even have time to look and I don’t really want to dwell on the past.  I am all about the future!  Josh is good friends with the guys though, and he likes Rocco and Seth Gamble a lot.  He speaks highly of both of them.

X: So you go to the convention. You do all the parties. You go to the awards. You fly home. You fly back out. You do radio shows all morning. You dance all evening. And you are nice to everybody during all of it. How do you do that? How do you stay happy and positive? You have to be nice everywhere. Except in the hotel room to Josh I guess.
J: Yeah, let me tell you how she does it. You just hit on it. She is nice everywhere except at home. (Laughs)
T: I’m nice even when I am not in a nice mood. I power through it, because I love my fans. I’ll wait until I go back to my hotel room and take it out on Josh.
X: (laughs) You fight like an old married couple. How long have you guys been married now? Twelve years?
J: Seventy- three years!
X: (They are kidding. They aren’t married yet.)  What else do you guys have coming up?
J: We are going to be shooting another movie for skinworXXX soon.
X: What are you going to be doing? Do you know yet?
J: I do know, but I am sworn to secrecy.
T: But it is going to be really good!
X: Fine don’t tell me.  Tea, I know you want to direct a film for skinworXXX.
T: I do.
X: What do you envision your movie being like?
T:  I think fans would expect my first directing effort would be something girly and feminine since I am known as a girl next door; I will turn that on its ear when I direct my first movie.  I am going to do something nasty and darker, like a Darkside or Deviance movie.
X: That sounds HOT! What is the wildest sex you have had in the last year?
T: On camera or off?
X: Both! On camera first.
T: The four girl scene with Eva, Alexis Texas and Sunny Leone was awesome.  It was hot enough to win Best All-Girl Group Scene at AVN.  But, I think the chemistry between Bree and I for our scene for my first Adam & Eve movie was insane, and I know it’s the dirtiest I’ve been vocally and visually on camera so far in my career.

X: I can’t wait to see that. Okay dirtiest OFF camera sex?
T: Hmmmmmm…..Josh and I have had a lot of wild sex. Josh was “testing” out Rockhard Weekend’s awesome sex pill as he promoted an event for them, and we got really, really drunk and then Josh got a mid-sleep boner that looked like a giant veiny missile, and we fucked for like six straight hours.  Yes, he finally popped, and it covered me and the room.  Wow!
X: Did you film that? Just kidding. Do you prefer vag or anal sex and why? And why do you think you are getting anal written into all your scenes? Couldn’t be because of your FUCKING GORGEOUS ASS, could it?
T: (laughs) Well off camera depends on my mood.  I get different types of orgasms and different intensities of orgasms depending on my mood.  If I have gone through my cleanliness process for anal, I love getting fucked in my ass while I have three, four or more of my or Josh’s fingers in my pussy at the same time.  We do more vag though as I can’t starve myself and go through the cleanliness process every day.

X: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
T: I have a big unfulfilled fantasy and you are going to see me finally fulfill it in the conclusion of one of our next skinworXXX movies. I can’t go into details, and no I’m not going back to B/G, but I think fans are going to be thrilled and it will be one of the best and dirtiest scenes this year by any performer. Josh is right now doing his “pointing at the fences” baseball move as everyone who has heard about this finale scene agrees this will be THE scene of 2010.

X: I can’t wait to find out the secret! Well you know I rented a log cabin in the Georgia Mountains next weekend and I hope you guys are coming with me. We’ll build a campfire, freeze our asses off, walk in the river, drink coffee with baileys, roast marshmallows, all those corny things. I think we’ll have a blast! Don’t you?
T: Well I’ve never really been camping or anything, but Josh insists farting on the campfire bare-bottomed is something everyone should experience. Second to that, I would love to ride my man inside a sleeping bag or in the dark against a tree.  Hmmmmm…..
X: All you think about is sex!
T: (Laughs)
X: Anything that I didn’t ask you about that you want to mention?
J: We are still doing and will have some new reviews coming up.
T: We are just so busy. I am also doing  I wish I had more time for everything!
X: Okay I know you have to go get ready for your show. Do you have a message for your fans?
T:Uhmmmmm.  The last couple years, 2008, 2009, and now 2010 I’ve tried to be better each year and hopefully I’ve proven those neigh sayers wrong about me only doing girl/girl.
X: Yes you have, you certainly have.
T: I think 2010 will be my best year yet, and I really appreciate my fans and when they see the final scene that I do for this upcoming movie….
X: You mean the one you guys won’t tell me about?
T: (laughs) Yeah, that one. When they see that scene they will be blown away!

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