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Teagan Presley- Hot as Ever and Going Strong- An Honest & Fun Interview


Interview by C. Loftus
Photos Courtesy of Rock Star Entertainment, Adam & Eve & LA Direct Models
Porn star/feature dancer, Teagan Presley, is my friend, and so is her better half, porn movie Director, Joshua. I say all that up front, because no one else but me would be lucky enough to get this interview. Teagan and Josh had the flu. Teagan was just getting over food poisoning before she got the flu. Both of them were exhausted from traveling and attending two conventions, on top of being sick. Let me add in here that my main recording equipment was broken, and I had trouble getting my TWO back up recorders to work. But Teagan, being the trooper she is, did the interview anyway. If we seem a bit sillier and more sarcastic than usual, that is why. We were being more “us shooting the breeze”, and less “professional interview” So this may not be what you typically read, but I actually thinks it’s better and more fun.  AND I call Josh “Teagan’s better half”, because he will laugh when he reads all the things we said about him. You WILL laugh, right Josh? You better laugh, you better half, you.
I’m so sorry you don’t feel good Tea. We’ll try to make this quick and pain free.  What is new at Adam & Eve?
We went to AEE with all that craziness and that was fun. We are filming an all new movie with me and Alexis Texas called T & A, just like our feature dance tour. And hopefully we are going to start filming a big scripted feature, which is the biggest one we have ever done directed by Joshua.
That’s fabulous! You must really get along well with Alexis, since you two work together on feature dancing tours and hang around as friends also. Do you have a blast together?
Yes. Especially because Josh is scared of her. So whenever he is being a butthole and irritating me, I tell Alexis and she roughs him up a little for me.
I bet she gets him back in line. I saw a picture of you two and I didn’t realize how much taller she is than you. Even if you had heels on and she didn’t, she’d be bigger than you.
She is a lot taller than me. It’s crazy.
You must have some crazy times on stage together.
We have a ton of fun. I always make fun because guys are always starring at her butt. I’ll dance in front of them and they will still try to stare at her butt. So I’ll dance over and take the money and then send her over.
So you are the financial manager.
Yes. I’ll try and get their money while they are zoned out on her butt. (Laughs) I’ll take our movie and swipe it between her butt checks like a credit card.
(Laughs) She has an outstanding ass! But truthfully I think you have one of the hottest asses in the business. You always have and still do.
Well thank you I appreciate that.
You must work out a lot because you are skinny!
I try to, but my travel schedule is crazy.

When you are feature dancing, are you having any wild sex that we don’t know about in the back room or dressing room?
No not really, we just mainly have a lot of silliness going on.
How much are you featuring? It seems like you are always on the road.
This last year is the most I have featured. Usually things slow down after Halloween, but they didn’t. I was booked solid for thirteen weeks in a row and now I am booked up until the end of March.
That’s great, but also really hard and tiring and it sucks. (Laughs)
I need a vacation. I haven’t had one in two or three years.
Well you had a great success with your movie, Deviance 3 (spelled D3viance). Well I call it Deviance 3, do you call it Deviance three?
I call it Deviance 3 but Josh calls it just Deviance. So I don’t know.
You won an X-Biz award for that.
Yes, we did. Yea!
But one of the things I love most about the Deviance movies is the Deviance dance. (you can find them on YouTube)
I don’t participate in that. I run away when they start filming it. (Laughs)
I notice Josh wasn’t in it either, so that’s just not fair!.
He’s the one holding the camera.
You love to dance. I see pictures of you everywhere dancing. But you sneak out of the Deviance dance?
I do, I know. (Laughs)

You’ve spent a lot of times with fans in the last three or four weeks with two conventions and awards shows in a row. So you were signing and meeting fans.
I was in LA, then I went out of town for a feature gig on a Sunday, came back on Monday, then I was home for a couple days, then I drove out to LA on Thursday, was at the Xbiz convention on Friday, and came home on Saturday, was out at the AVN convention on Tuesday. I was like oh, my, gosh.  Now I am getting ready to head out to Pittsburgh to dance.
It’s going to be cold there.
I know. Usually you fly in the night before. But this time my flight gets there on the day of.  So I have to go right from the airport to the radio station for a show and than do feature dance shows all night.
It’s going to be a long day. People don’t realize how hard of a job you have. But there must be some great things about it too though.
I love to travel, most of the time. Sometimes I hate it too. (Laughs) I do like to go to different places. I have to make more of an effort to go do things when I am in a new town. I am lazy.
What do fans say when they meet you? What do they bring you?
I have a lot of fans that bring me gummy bears because they know I live of off gummy bears when I have no time to eat.
What is a common thing that fans say to you when they meet you for the first time?
That I look a lot better than in I do in my photos.
(Cracks up!)
Or that I look equivalent to my photos and not like a train wreck. (Laughs) I’m wondering who they saw that does. (Laughs)
Well obviously you are one of those that needs no photo retouching to look gorgeous in your pictures. And then there might be some people who have a lot of retouching done, or maybe use pictures of when they were younger, and when you meet them in person, it’s like, are you fifty? (Laughs) But you have no comment on that right?

You are a very experienced feature dancer. I would like you to teach guys how to tip properly. Because I know lots of them don’t do it right.
I have had to yell at some guys. I hold my garter open and tell them to put it in and they try to lay it on me. They don’t put it where they are supposed to.
But they do try to put it where they are not supposed to.
Yes, they can be very naughty.
And using a twenty to tip is way better than a dollar.
Yes. If it is a twenty I will crumple it up and throw it to the back of the stage. Otherwise guys will take it out and re-tip me with it.
What are your favorite things about featuring? What turns you on?
I like when they announce your name and you go out there. I like when people are loud and silly. It makes it much more fun. I like when they are excited to see me, but not so excited that they are quiet. That makes it awkward. When they are quiet, I think, should I put more clothes on? Should I take more clothes off?

How many people do you think you have had sex with in your lifetime?
I haven’t had sex with an extreme amount.
Over a hundred?
I don’t even think that much.
What was your best sex ever?
I don’t know. That’s a lot of data to go through. (Laughs)
Okay, I’ll make the question easier. What sex did you have in Deviance 3?
I had sex with Lexi Belle, Eva Angelina and Alexis Texas.  That was really nice. It just wasn’t in the best setting. There were a lot of things that we were sitting on that wasn’t easy to do when we were trying to get good camera angles.
Did you have lots of tip-overs?
A couple times.
Is there a blooper real for Deviance 3?
I hope not!
What bloopers were going on?
That was the time we had sixteen hours to shoot one scene but it took so long because of the make up and the set up and the teases and the solos. It was very tedious. There were bloopers.
Sixteen hours at work is a very long day if you are a receptionist and have to take phone messages. I can’t imagine your job. Can’t itch your face, can’t mess up your hair, have to have sex with people and be happy and horny. That’s a lot more difficult.
Yes it is.

I have to ask about your Fleshlights. You have one made of your mouth, your butt, your pussy. I find it so interesting that you could have your sexy body parts laying around the house. So Josh says, Teagan let’s have sex, and you say, no I have a headache, so Josh says, okay let me have your Fleshlights. (Laughs)
He’s made jokes about that saying that he is going to take all my friend’s Fleshlights and do a gang bang. I told him he’s not allowed to because it is still cheating.
That would be such a great, funny parody movie. Appearing in this movie, Alexis Texas, Lisa Ann, Teagan Presley, but then you just have their Fleshlights.
Josh says it’s not really them so he should be able to do it. But I tell him that’s it’s not happening!
He can use your Fleshlights though, right?
Yeah, but he doesn’t.
Because he’s got the real thing. What is something that you love about going to the conventions?
Seeing all the women coming to them. They are sometimes getting more excited than the guys. It’s really fun to see.
You must be getting hit on by female fans now.
Sometimes I do. It’s cool. It’s really different. Before women were always so shy. Now they are more outgoing. I love it.

So when you are traveling all the time, featuring, do you and Josh have lots of great hotel sex?
NO! Here’s the problem. I’ll work all night, doing shows and lap dances.  I’ll get back to the room at like five in the morning. I have to wash my face, take a shower, wash my hair, now it’s six, six thirty in the morning. I’m finally clean and crawling in bed exhausted and Josh will try to have sex and I’ll be like, are you serious? He always waits for the most inappropriate times.
Guys think that having a porn star for a girl friend means they get to have wild sex all the time.
We used too, until I started dancing so much, and I have such a crazy schedule.
Josh should go to the club and pay you for some lap dances. (Laughs)
Yea! I tried to get him to have sex with me in the dressing room of a club once but he wouldn’t. He said there were cameras in there and the office could see him.
Yes, but then you could sell that celebrity sex tape, and maybe get paid a million dollars for capturing Director Joshua doing the dirty deed!
He wouldn’t do it for any thing less than a million.
I talked to Eva Angelina, and I know that she is back around. It was so good to see you two in pictures together. I know you were really close when she was in the business.
She came to sign for us at AVN. She’s not really back IN the business. She is only doing some appearances.
I also saw you with Sophie Dee.
She’s such a sweet person.

I know you live in Vegas now. But you aren’t partying all the time on the strip right?
No, I live far enough away from the strip that it’s like a completely different city. So it’s awesome. I can go down to the strip if I want too, but I hardly ever go down there.
Well you were gambling this last weekend because you were there for the convention right? I heard Alexis taught you how to play roulette.
Yeah. I won a little bit. I got spoiled there though because the dealer hooked me up.
It’s just one of the perks you get from being drop dead gorgeous, and people do nice things for you.
Yeah, I know. I like it.

Totally changing the subject, what happened to your pet pig?
I gave him back to the farm.
Well at least you didn’t make him into bacon.
I wanted to leave him in front of McDonald’s with a note on him that said, please make me into an Egg Mcmuffin. (Laughs)
(Laughs) THAT is funny. He was a bit of a brat, wasn’t he?
Josh wanted to get the pig. I was puking in the front yard. I was so sick. He drags me to this farm and says can we get him babe?
Josh has some bad timing on some things. (Laughs)
Some pigs like to be held, this one didn’t like to be. He didn’t like to do anything. He had really sharp hooves, so if you picked him up, he would kick you in the stomach so hard and cut you until your intestines fall out. The lady told us to feed him just three times a day, because he is a pig, he likes to eat, so he would eat constantly if we let him. And he was litter box trained, but he figured out if he tipped over his litter box, we would put him in his play area, while we cleaned it out. And he liked being out there because he could get anything he wanted to eat. So he kept making a mess so we would move him to clean it up. So we velcro’ed the litter box to the carpet so he couldn’t tip it. Then he ripped up the carpet trying to tip it. And when he figured out he couldn’t tip it, when we put him to bed, instead of going to sleep he would run full force and ram the front of the cage over and over. While we were trying to sleep. So after a few weeks of that we took him back to the farm where we got him.
Sounds like you got the evil pig! I want to ask you about one more crazy thing I heard about. You did a wrestling match with Brooklyn Lee.
I did. I lost. And I am the only one in the universe that could be rigged to win the match, and still lose.

So the wrestling was fixed, you were scheduled to win, and you still lost.
I did. I really went in there and wrestled her to try and make it look good. We were having fun. Eventually she pinned me down. I couldn’t get up because she was so strong. I was pinned for so long, I couldn’t even try to get up and fake that I won.  She legitimately won. The ref, Mr. Pete, was just waiting for me to get back up, so he wasn’t calling it.  But I couldn’t. So I counted myself out. (Laughs) I called it. I lost.
I hope some one recorded that. I’d love to see it.  Do you have a message for your fans?
I love you guys. Please keep coming out to see me. Come to Adam and Eve dot com for all your naughty needs, for all my movies and the movies of Alexis Texas.
You can book Teagan through A-List Features for Dancing,
LA Direct Models for everything else.

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