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Teagan Talks about her soon to be EX-Husband


by Staff Writer Darrah Ford of


I contacted Teagan today and she was gracious and answered my questions. Thank you!

I wanted to ask a few questions so your fans can know you’re alright and doing well.


DF: Are the rumors true, that you’re getting a divorce?

TP: Yes I am getting a divorce.


DF: Is your husband a deadbeat which made you go back into porn shortly after giving birth to your second child?

TP: We had money problems that every new parent faces today so we had to earn money, so the choice was for me to go back to work as my earning potential at that p was quicker and higher. Tyler also did not want to perform anymore at all, and we did need money to support our children and ourselves.


DF: AdultFYI had reported back in April that your husband Tyler had beaten you which lead to you having him arrested. Is any of it true?

TP: I am only going to address these issues that are on public record, so yes, Tyler did indeed assault me which he has been charged with and is going to court for.


DF: And they also just reported that while you were shooting ‘The Brady Bunch 2 movie, you and your new boyfriend had to hide out from him because he was staking and threatening you and security was all over the set. Is any of this true?

TP: Tyler had been publicly threatening both myself and my boyfriend, Josh, and we had security on site to keep the shoot going smoothly and prevent us from having any issues onset.


DF: Is there any chance of you and your husband reconciling?

TP: There is absolutely zero chance of any reconciliation with Tyler and myself. I am extremely happy with my new man, and on Wednesday June 25th, Tyler agreed to a permanent order of protection and he can not be in my company nor Josh’s nor my family ever again because of the severity of his threats. That being said, I do hope he has a great life and finds someone that he is more compatible with and falls in love. I don’t wish bad on anyone at all.


DF: And how are your children handling all of this and are the custody arrangements going smoothly or is he causing problems?

TP: As Tyler has publicly mentioned on his various blogs, we are in a custody and paternity fight on my youngest daughter. She is happy and safe with me and Josh now, and it will remain that way. My oldest is also very safe and happy, and Tyler has zero ties to her.


We wish Teagan the best, and we are very happy to have her back in the biz!

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