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Teagen Presley’s Sadness At Lela Star’s Boob Job

Teagen (or is this written by Teagen’s publicist Adella?) writes on ADT:

Oh dear lord. I normally try to take the high road & not stoop down to anyone’s level & say anything. But this time I just want to make one statement. I just can’t believe that Lela had the audacity to call me a “Teagan Doll”. When technically wouldn’t that now make her a black haired “Jenna Doll”?? I mean at least I’m my own self as a doll & not trying to be like someone else.

I know I’ll probably get in trouble for posting my personal opinions on this topic but oh well. I’ve made personal opinion comments about other girls too for the past 3 years, so I’m not just singling out Lela. But I personally think that it was so stupid of her to get a boob job. I mean she had larger natural breasts. I mean she should have at least waited until they started to sag and then had them done. Now I know some people would say that I’m being hypocritical cause I have had a breast augmentation surgery also. But think of it this way too, I had absolutely no breasts. If I had had natural breasts the size of Lela’s than I wouldn’t have wanted nor would I have needed a boob job. It was just so idiotic to ruin her natural boobs at such a young age. And not to mention I’ve also had 2 children. Now take it I didn’t breastfeed, but still pregnancy will do damage to your breasts. It also looks as though she has had her lips done also. She has that Dr. enhanced top lip look. It’s not as bad as some girls that I’ve seen where their whole top lip looks like a duck, but it definitely looks enhanced. She should have not enhanced her boobs, instead she should have tried to enhance her butt. You know build that muscle up a little bit more with sit-ups or squats because that’s the one place where I can she was lacking not in her chest area.

I know this sounds crazy, but I feel like we failed Lela Star. We failed to make her feel special just as she was and now she has gone and scarred herself for our pulling pleasure.

Who will stop this madness? When the next porn girl feels insecure about her looks and contemplates plastic surgery, will we step up and embrace her as she is or will we let another woman go down that dark road?

When the plastic surgeon came for Teagen Presley, I said, “It’s not my problem.” When the surgeon came for Lela Star, I said, “It’s not my problem.” When this grim reaper comes for me, will my good friends in XXX also say, “It’s not my problem.”

We are our porn sister’s keeper. It’s the least we can for the transcendence they gifted us.

Moxie posts on XPT: “Luke, you’re the one who publicly stated how devalued Lela became after Kevin Blatt defiled her. It’s obvious that you left her in an emotional freefall from which she turned to gastly surgery to repair her self worth. Have you no shame!”

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