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.@TeamSkeet Features Presents: ‘High Fidelity’ The Full Movie Starring Ameena Green @pussycopia

Ameena Green

TeamSkeet Features premieres the full “High Fidelity” movie for all site members to enjoy. After releasing the movie in 3 parts across fan-favorite brands such as FreeUse Fantasy, Dyked, and Teen Pies, fans will finally get to experience Ameena Green’s steamy journey of reconnecting with past lovers in its full glory.

Ameena portrays the role of a music aficionado who has gone through 3 very different relationships in the past year. Looking for some closure, she visits each one of her exes, trying to get to the root of each breakup. At times, it was out of her control. In other instances, Ameena’s toxic traits led to the breakup. One thing’s for sure, each relationship came filled with intense hardcore sex. Whether it was the artsy Dorian Del Isla or her now suburban mom ex, Mayara Lopes, the sexual chemistry Ameena shared with them was out of this world. Follow Ameena as her memories unfold on her journey towards self-discovery.

“We’re delighted to finally release ‘High Fidelity’ to all our members,” said a company rep. “The style and vibe of this feature was something a bit different that we wanted to try. Ameena Green’s performance and chemistry with the rest of the cast brought everything together perfectly. We hope our fans truly enjoy this movie.”

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