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Tee Reel Responds to Tori Black’s Boycott of Their Film

To all my name is Jason Toler the writer director and producer of the film Half Moon.

It saddens me that a private matter has been made public and that I have to address it here but I now think it is necessary to do so.
 I have worked in the mainstream  and adult industry for over 10 years. I’m a graduate of Columbia of Chicago’s film school and president of T-Real Entertainment and Sunrayz International Films the production companies that produced Half Moon.
As I have stated in several interviews before as an independent production we became over budget when a co-producer backed out. Tori Black, our female lead, agreed to co finance part of the budget of the film on the condition that we give her an executive producers credit and she be repaid her investment from the gross receipts  when the film received distribution. All cast and crew were notified of this issue and were paid.
Upon the film receiving distribution via Breaking Glass Pictures Tori Black was contacted several times with the expectation that she contribute in the discussions as to  how the film was to be marketed and sold.
 All companies involved offered compensation and invited Tori Black to be included in the press/promotional tour for the film.
 To our surprise she declined each request.
Tori Black was at the top of her adult career winning AVN performer of the year 2 years in a row. We all believed that this film would be helpful to Tori Black not only financially as a producer but would act as a vehicle to assist in her desire to cross over into mainstream performances.
We stated that participation of the promotion for her mainstream acting debut would help her achieve that end. This ,once again was communicated to Ms. Black.
Tori Black’s response was that she no longer wanted to be involved in any aspect of the film and  requested that she not be contacted again. We were surprised and attempted further mediation with her but she was firm that her decision was final. At that point we could do nothing further than respect her wishes and we moved forward to promote the film without her.
Now Tori Black is asking her public to not support the film.

As director of the film I find her response not only bewildering but disheartening as I thought that we enjoyed a professional and social relationship and I believed that this film was a step in the direction that Ms. Black indicated that she wanted to go in. Her decision to remove herself from participation of the film is a personal choice. Her decision to ask her public to do the same could negatively impact the rest of the cast and crew who have done nothing but be supportive of her and who have considered her a colleague and friend. I hope Tori Black finds the success she deserves in life and in business.
At the premiere of the film it was successful and well recieved. I want to thank all of the cast and crew for their hard work and let them know as I start the pre-production on my next two films I hope to work with many of them again. I want to thank all of my friends, fans and co-workers inside and out side of the industry that know me and my reputation and continue to support this company and it’s works.  For those who would like to see the film it will be released March 8 2011 and can be purchased at  It can also be found at etc..

All the best and keep watching.
Jason Toler

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