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Tee Reel Sounds a little Pissed….

Ideal Image Management
From: Corey/ Tee Reel Partners at Ideal Image Management &
John Silverstein Esq. in house Legal counsel for Ideal Image Management.
Subject:  Booking/Management
We have been made aware that certain companies and talent we manage have been contacted with a call or email implying that Ideal Image Management can not assist in booking them if we are not licensed and bonded.
May this email stress that these accusations are a scare tactic being used by our competitors. Ideal Image Management is a MANAGEMENT COMPANY and by CA state law we are not required to be licensed and bonded. However; as a management company we follow CA state law in regards to how we can assist in the bookings for our talent.
We understand that in the Adult film industry the term Agent and Booking are used loosely but Ideal Image Management takes those roles seriously and we are committed to our talent.
For agencies and mangers in the adult business that have talent under contract we want you to be aware, We do not partake in the practice of poaching upon any talent you represent and would appreciate the same professional courtesy. If you are an agent or manager and you have talent under contract that are interested in having us manage them we will contact you on their behalf and together we can negotiate terms with or without our legal counsel.
Thank you,
Cory/Tee Reel- Managing Partners Ideal Image Management LLC.

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