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Tera on her Sex Life

(Excepts from an interview I did with Tera, that will be in the January issue of Xcitement Mag. You can read more and see naked pics here

X: So you are still having fun with it. That’s good. So how is your sex life with Evan?

T: Oh my Gosh. It’s good. But I bought two dildos the other day. I am going through this crazy nymphomaniac stage right now. I went to a store that’s down the street from my house and when I walked in, the people were like, what is she doing here.

X: I’m sure they think you get that stuff for free.

T: I paid retail for it and I was very happy too. I bought a rabbit, a pink one, and I bought this other pink one. It’s funny, Evan and I will fuck and fuck and then he’ll roll over to watch Family Guy and he looks over at me and it’s like RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. And he says what are you doing? I’ll say I’m touching myself, don’t mind me. I could go over and over and on and on. I love my rabbit. I am a little addicted to my new rabbit right now.

X: So are you in the mile high club with Evan?

T: The first time I went on tour with him in 2002 we did it in the bathroom. It was humungous. Evan went to the bathroom and he came back and said come on you are going to the bathroom with me. You have to see this bathroom you can fit ten people in it. So it was really fun. But that is the one and only time I have done it in an airplane.

X: If it was that big it had to be first class.

T: We were in coach, but I think that was the first class bathroom.

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