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Tera Patrick in Black Book Mag- misquoted?


I have known Tera and Evan for a long time. When I read the interview from BlackBook Magazine, it didn’t sound like Tera to me. She is smart, and knows enough to be tactful and not boastful. In the interview she is quoted as saying Jenna Jameson is a lot older then her and many other things that make Tera sound egotistical…. 

I wrote a note to Tera and Evan about this interview because some of the answers attributed to Tera bothered me.

The note I got back tells me that the reporter seemed to want Tera to say something controversial about Jenna. Tera did not say that Jenna was a lot older then her. She said that Jenna was a big star and had been in the business a lot longer than her.

Several other things contained in the interview were not what Tera said.

The writer of the article is going to be asked to make corrections or pull the article.

I’ll let you know what happens….


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