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Tera Patrick Interview! Brand New & Exclusive

Tera talks about her split with Evan, her sex life, her new boyfriend, her about to come out book, her leaving porn & her new life…

“Xcitement: That’s hard to hear that you aren’t going to have sex on camera anymore.   Tera: Everybody has to stop someday!

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and one of THEE most famous porn stars ever, Tera Patrick embodies everything a guy would want in a woman, and a girl would want in a friend. That’s a big part of her popularity. She manages to be gorgeous, but so nice, classy, friendly and oblivious to her looks, that women (the haters that we are) love her, and men lust her. Tera has been through a lot in 2009, both good and bad. She wrote a book about her life, including all the dirty details. She is also getting a divorce from (musician, actor &  porn star) her husband and business partner, Evan Seinfeld. We talk about both. She doesn’t hold back, and this is the first interview she has done regarding some touchy subjects. I’m glad she did the interview with me. I happen to love this girl and am very happy that she is happy. I present to you Xcitement’s cover girl for 2010, the tenacious and tempting, Tera Patrick.

You can read the whole interview here

Interview By Cindi Loftus   
Photos Courtesy of Teravision
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