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Tera Patrick lets husband Screw who he wants to.

Tera and Evan talk about their open relationship concerning Evan’s new venture

Tera says “Evan is the hottest and sexiest man I have ever known. He is a rockstar in every sense of the word and has always lived life to the fullest. Now he can truly add pornstar to his resume. Somehow I stole his heart and we have a real partnership.”

“Why would I want to hold him back? Women dig him and he is a wild man. I am proud of him for having the courage to do something that seems so out there and is so completely unapologetic. To be the first mainstream celebrity to do porn and use his real name, that is truly hardcore. That’s what my man is all about. You go baby.”

Evan states, “What can I say? I’m living the dream. I am constantly blown away by a society that says that sex is bad, but violence is just fine. We have war on TV all day long, but if someone slips a nipple it becomes a national crisis. It’s so backwards.”

“I am the luckiest guy in the world. I am married to the most beautiful, loving, caring and understanding woman I could ever hope for. Imagine never having to apologize for who you are. I like to sample lots of new women and film it, but I truly love my wife. She allows me the freedom to be who I am and not have to lie to myself. We have no jealousy in our relationship, just kindness, understanding, and the truth. Thanks for supporting me baby. I love you forever. Viva La Revolution, Viva!”
“When I am out sport-fucking, I am not only doing it for myself, but for all the repressed married men everywhere, who could not even ask for permission.”


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