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Tera Patrick Offered Japanese TV Fitness Show

Tera Patrick Offered Japanese TV Fitness Show

Tera just released her new fitness videos that combine Yoga, Pilates & the Kama Sutra.

And already a Japanese Television network executive, Ashi Sato, has offered Tera a 20 episode deal.  Sato wants to put Tera’s show on 5 days a week for a month and see how it does. He would show the same episode twice each day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. He says this would allow women who work to  do the exercize before they go to their jobs, and would allow women who stay home to enjoy the show during their children’s nap time.

Sato would like the episodes to include a twenty minute work-out that Tera would lead, along with segments on eating healthy, make-up, hairstyling and fashion.

Evan Seinfeld, Tera’s husband, says that accepting the deal would depend on what the financials look like, including whether Teravision would have control of the show and be able to put it out on DVD. Evan would also be writing the music that goes with Tera’s work-outs.

Tera says she would love to do the show because Japan is one of her very favorite places to visit, it has great shopping, wonderful tattoo artists and the best theme park in the world Hello Kitty Land.

A press release will be out within a few days  with more info.

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