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Tera Patrick Vs. Nikki Benz

Thursday night there’s a major poker tournament fundraiser for B.A.B.E.

Nikki Benz says Tera Patrick threatened the organizers that she and Evan would not attend if Nikki Benz came.

So Nikki’s agent Derek was told to tell Nikki not to come.

Props to for breaking this story.

I asked Dan Davis, Editor of Genesis magazine, about this. Dan booked the talent for the event.

Luke: “Did you guys invite Nikki?”

Dan: “As far as I know, she was hired by an outside company to appear on their behalf. We said to the company, ‘Are you aware that there is a feud between Nikki and Tera?’ And that was the last we heard of it.”

“The real issue here is not who’s feuding with who but that one in eight women get breast cancer [Dan lost his mother to breast cancer two years ago]. We’re trying to raise money here to do something good.”

“Tera never threatened to pull out of anything.”

Nikki Benz and Lucy Li used to be contract girls for Tera’s company. Nikki and Lucy say they are owed money. Nikki has filed suit against Tera.

Nikki and Lucy got into a fight with Tera and Evan at the XRCO Awards April 5.

I called Nikki Wednesday evening.

“It’s a charity event,” said Nikki. “You’d think that for one night she could put her differences aside and let me do something good. When I was asked to play this tournament, I was honored. I didn’t know anything about poker. I had friends come over and teach me how to play it. I was going to go down tomorrow and buy in and donate to charity to bring awareness to breast cancer.”

A source:  “The story on tera/nikki/babe is not entirely the truth. tera never threatened. in fact, she had no idea nikki was planning to attend, and she was never officially booked thru babe.”

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