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Tera Says “I’m the only one with a mainstream presence.”

EXCERPTS from an interview with Tera Patrick By Ben Barna from Black Book Magazine. Read the whole thing here-


Tera Patrick has oodles of sex.  The 5″9″ former Ford model from Great Falls, Montana is one of the top actresses in the adult entertainment industry, and she’s got the multi-million dollar empire to prove it. She’s business by day, bondage by night. Along with her husband, former Oz actor Evan Seinfeld, she’s one-half of a porn super couple, a TomKat with anal beads. Throughout her near ten-year career, she’s gone beyond the San Fernando Valley and landed on the cover of FHM magazine, played a version of herself on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” and most recently served as a special producer on the video game Saints Row 2. I spoke to the woman formerly known as Linda Ann Hopkins about sharing her husband with porn stars, her non-relationship with Jenna Jameson, and which of her colleagues is the authority on cunnilingus.

Tell me about your involvement in Saint’s Row 2.
Saint’s Row 2 is s a very exciting project. It’s really cool because not only am I working on a video game, but I have a teenage brother, so I’m like a hero to him. It’s really exciting because it’s my demographic: young boys, twenty year old boys, thirty year old boys. Video games are like porn movies. Everybody loves them and everybody plays them.

You’ve managed to transcend porn and have somewhat of a mainstream presence, which is very rare for porn stars. Jenna Jameson is another example.
I’m the only one with a mainstream presence. Jenna’s never been on the cover of FHM. There’s a lot more things I’ve done than Jenna. I wouldn’t say she has a mainstream presence, I would say that she is the number one face of porn. She has more of a porn look. And Jenna’s a lot older than me and she’s been in the business a lot longer than me. She was the first to go mainstream with Howard Stern, but I’ve done more legitimate mainstream things than she has. There’s really no other porn star that’s crossed into mainstream that I can think of. I’m the only girl that’s been on FHM, I have a video game, I’ve been on the Carson Daly show, I’ve done a lot of stuff. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, I’m not saying I’m definitely out of porn or turning my back on porn, I would never do that. But I’m pretty much the girl that makes porn okay.

Why have you achieved this mainstream recognition?
Aside from the fact that I have a good work ethic, good attitude, I can act, and I’m intelligent, I don’t look like a porn star. I’m not bleached blonde with silicon and fake lips. I have a good look. I look like a fashion model. There’s nothing wrong with looking like a porn star, but when women see me, it’s okay for their husbands to look at me. I’m not fake looking.

Are you and Jenna Jameson friends? I know you were involved in a legal snafu.
No. I was never affiliated with her. Jenna and I have never worked together. There was a brief moment where I did some business with Club Jenna, but that is no longer. I am completely in charge of my entire empire. I wish Jenna the best.

Did you have some kind of falling out?
No, we’ve never had a falling out! We’ve only met a few times, and she’s no longer in the business. We just don’t speak and I only wish her the best.

When you first met your husband, he wasn’t in the porn industry. Was it tough to convince him to join the business?
No way! Please, every guy wants to be a porn star.

And you both perform with other actors. Is it tough having that kind of open relationship?
Our relationship isn’t open. It’s not a typical marriage, but we’re not swingers. We don’t sleep with people outside of the business. We trust each other. We don’t call each other ten times a day to see what each other’s doing. We call each other ten times a day to say, I love you, come home and fuck me now.

So which of your fellow female pornstars gives the best oral sex?
Savannah. Oh my god, Savannah is amazing. I’ll always remember the first time I ever did girl on girl with her. You know who has the most amazing eyes when she looks at you and fucks you? Felicia. She is so gorgeous. It’s just like, will you marry me? My dream girl that I’ve never been with, that I would do anything to be with, is Belladonna.



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