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Tera- Thankful for her fans, Evan- Lots to be thankful for

TERA SAYS-Tera says..” I am so grateful for all my fans and all the business has done for me. Last year was the best ever, and if it is possible, this year might even be better ! a super sexy year!”


EVAN SAYS- 12 nominations including, best hd release and best high end all sex release( which we won last year with dave navarro’s broken),.  for teradise island 2, best squtirting release squirtfest, Tera GOes GOnzo, for best gonzo, and best solo sex scene Tera PAtrick. best soundtrack for iron cross’ smokin hot blondes, best big bust release for cleavage,directed by axel braun, most clever title, sasha gray’s anatomy, best oral sex scene “kink” jennifer dark, best ethnic themed asian, China Blue,  Teravision for overall marketing campaign and company image..

and of course, mainstream crossover star of the year, which i personally thought she should have won the last 4 years in a row, whatever, the academy skipped pacino in the godfather and gave him one for scent of a woman, whatever.. it is a great year for teravision and iron cross as we have tons to be thankful for.. We will be celebrating at AEE and AVN with some very very special events,… wait and see.

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