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Teri Weigel Retired?

NL- I had a couple readers ask me what Teri was up to, so one of my writers asked her if she would do an email interview. She said yes. He wrote and sent her the questions. What she sent back is… lacking to put it nicely. Then we saw the post below on AdultDVDtalk about Teri retiring. That would explain her lack of interest in answering our interview questions. Teri always did a great job in her scenes. We wish her the best in whatever career path she takes in the future…

NL- I really liked this movie

Interview with Teri Weigel

1 Was your first experience with another woman on or off camera ? What
can you remember about it?

Good Don’t remember

2 In your career before you retired you only did a handful of Lesbian
scenes why didn’t you do more?

I never formally yet retired to pub

3 Why did you decide to work for Sweetheart Video?

4 This was your second time working with Michelle Lay. What do you
like about working with her?

5 You were also paired with hot newcomer Allie Haze. What was it like
working with her?

Great she hott then and now

6 Can you tell us about you scene with Kristina Rose?

7 Nica wanted to have her wicked way with you. Did she get that
pleasure or will we have to wait for this on screen?


8 Would you like to work for Girlfriends Films and which young
performers would you like to ravish?


9 What do you like having done to you by another woman and what do you
like to do to them?

To be heald

10 Where can people find you on the net?

Post on

Well it seems as though Teri Weigel has called it quits to the Porn
 world. She is no longer doing any web scenes, movies and has stopped
 calling herself a Pornstar! An official announcement coming soon. Her
 last work was for Sweetheart Video in a couple of G/G scenes! Only
 escorting now!

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