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Thai Airline Has Transsexual Flight Attendants Self-Esteem Flying High

When travelers on flights of newly launched PC Air hear announcements about overhead baggage shifting while in flight, they might notice the voice of the flight attendant on the airplane speaker system comes through a little deeper than the way they first expected. That’s because PC Air is flying in and out of Thailand with an all transsexual flight crew, proving Thai ladyboys can do a lot more than get fucked in porn films to help bring attention to their homeland.

PC Air isn’t named for their new politically correct approach to international travel with a transsexual twist. The airline gets its name from its president Peter Chan, who by all accounts, was born a man and remains one so far in his life. As Chan explained in an interview published online, he believes ladyboy flight attendants may have a special advantage over their male or female flight attendant counterparts. “They might provide better services because they understand both males and females” said Chan. “And they’re well trained according to the aviation standard” he added to make the point that choosing to employ shemale stewardesses is more than just a gimmick for his air carrier long term.

Gender-bending has been popular among porn fans for many years as gorgeous tranny amateurs and T-girl pornstars add a fresh new perspective to sexual situations in HD transsexual free porn tube videos like the ones you can watch on – however, mainstream societies have been much slower to accept the rights of all people to express their sexual orientation in their own way.

PC Air is doing a tremendous service for transsexuals everywhere by elevating the discussion of pre-op and post-op employment to include the airline industry in such a public setting. Rather than limiting highly skilled, personable, well-trained individuals to back room tasks and occupations outside the public spotlight, PC Air is allowing every man, woman or transsexual to aim high and achieve whatever their merits might allow.

That fact is especially obvious to the newly hired shemale flight crew participants. Kkatoey flight crew member Tanyarat Jirapatpakorn is a 22 year old beauty who looked simply amazing in a navy blue uniform, flying from Bangkok to Surat Thani during the maiden voyage of PC Air last Thursday. “This is the beginning of the acceptance of transsexuals in Thailand, giving the opportunity for us to work in various fields”Tanyarat told reporters who eagerly greeted the flight as it landed. “Maybe in the future we can get any job that transsexuals never did before, such as police, soldiers or even pilots.”

That may be true, and we surely hope transsexuals get the same rights as any other man or woman because the content of their character should always matters more than the origin of their genitalia. For now, transsexuals in uniform remains mostly a fantasy for porn fans, and thankfully you can enjoy the very best tranny starlets for free right now here on!


Photo Credit: Reuters

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