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‘Thank You Kurt Lockwood For Being So Open-Minded And Willing’

Belladonna posts:

I scheduled my strap on scene with Kurt (Lockwood) for May 18th. I have been waiting to do this for at least a year and just didn’t get around to it. How many guys are comfortable enough with their sexuality to let a woman do this? Not too many and that makes me appreciate Kurt even more. Who cares what other people think if you enjoy something. I think most people are too quick to judge, I know I used to be that way and that all changed for me because I was willing to explore my sexuality. I have only done one other scene like this years ago but I wasn’t that attracted to the guy so he was more of a fuck toy than anything. This time around my plan is to just enjoy myself and him as much as one can. So, thank you, Kurt Lockwood, for being open minded and willing!

Ravyn posts: “What I dont understand what is the big deal about doing a man with a strap-on. Its so common now. Many women enjoy that kind of control over their man and given the opportunity I would was well. It goes both ways.. what women enjoy so now the men can as well. Stop being so closed mind. I seriously thought that society stopped that.It doesnt make you gay if you take it up the ass from a women.. its just being more sexually open.”

Can one be too sexually open? Can there ever be too much diversity?

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