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That Time My Bitch Jessy Jones Sold Out Xander Corvus

This won’t come as a surprise to most, but I don’t like Jessy Jones. The guys been accused of beating MULTIPLE girls in porn, but some how he hangs around. Not surprising in an industry that regurgitates rapists like Gremlins in a bathtub.

Now, I’m used to people talking shit to me, I thrive on it, if I’m not making someone mad I’m not doing my job. Jessy is a special kind of stupid though.

Once he called me a “fan”. I’m like Jessy, you followed ME, who’s the fan? Then after hammering him out multiple times for beating girls,  he still didn’t unfollow me. Jessy, seems like you’re the fan.

It wasn’t until I started calling him out and tagging his Twitter that he finally blocked me.

Jessy’s problem is he thinks I’m some random guy who doesn’t leave his home. When he finally realized he’s the bitch in the marriage, he started reaching out to, an at the time, mutual friend to have him talk to me. This was right before AVN like 3 years go. That person saved Jessy from an embarrassing moment, and saved me from a phone call from Brian telling me that was the end of my AVN run.

But I digress, a few years back I was fucking with Jessy over his BFF Clover, another women beater,  in DM’s.

Basically trolling him and instead of just taking it like a man, he threw his buddies under a bus:

LOL Jessy asks “Why don’t you attack them”?  Sounds sort of Colin Rountreeish.. Can’t take it so you deflect and throw your people out to the wolves.

I never answered his question. I will now though.

In the 9 years I’ve been doing this, Xander has never showed up on my radar outside of being a consummate professional, he’s never been accused of beating one women, much less 4.

You and Clover on the other hand, beat women, Xander doesn’t. So the term “two pees in a pod” will only work for people who live in the “beat women the same” pod.

As for David, I never got DMs like this about David:

He only gets tough with women my friend

He’s the worst manipulative narcissistic asshole ever

Jessy, what kind of guy tries to get their friends front page on TRPWL?  If I was Nigel and Billy, I sure wouldn’t incriminate myself around you. You’ve proven over time to be nothing more than a scared little boy who can only win fights vs women, and when the going gets tough, you’d sell our your own mom. When someone like me steps up, you run, make phone calls, and block me. But like your superiority complex, I’m not going anywhere.

You can talk all you want on Twitter buddy, you can make all the calls you want, trust me when I tell you, me and you will come face to face one day, and we test all that gangster rap talk Mr MOB. I’ll even have one of the women you choked out film it, and you can have Billy there telling you “You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down.” Sadly for you, you already know how it will end.

That time Jessy Assaulted Kendal Karson

So when we got to the parking lot at the Burbank airport he refused to get out of my car. I threatened to get the cops. … Eventually I gathered my stuff and started walking towards the terminal. As I was walking I could hear someone coming up behind me very quickly. I turned around and he proceeded to choke me for about 20 seconds. I was stunned because no matter what problems we had, I always defended him and said he’d never lay a hand on me. I finally came about my wits and I pushed him off of me and slapped him in self-defense….







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