The 10 hottest Japanese pornstars

ThePornDude is all about paying tribute to some of the hottest and bad ass stars in the adult entertainment industry. This is precisely the reason I’m preparing a list of the ten hottest pornstars from the Land Of The Rising Sun (aka Japan). Pornstars are the sexiest creatures when they take off their clothes and get naughty in front of a rolling camera. What you may not know is that in Japan these babes are referred to as “AV Idols” which is a more professional name that attracts equal respect to pop stars. Japan is in fact home to one of the most vibrant porn industries in the world.The moment you see how hot some of these ladies are, you will appreciate the reason they get as much praise and respect.

In some countries like the United States, porn stars are known for their silicone, tanned looks but in Japan, it’s all about natural beauty, erotic mystique, and killer curves you won’t get your eyes off. I’m presenting to you the sexiest AV Idols. While you are at it, also view our Asian categories and premium Asian categories on ThePornDude to enjoy some lovely Asian juice.

Top 10 AV Idols

1. Tsubasa Amami

This beauty has established herself not only in the world of smut but also as an actress in the mainstream film industry, featuring in several Japanese television shows. Amami was born on 03/08/1988; her profile has garnered over 4,083,152 hits with her video views exceeding 5,422,109. It is clear why she is that popular because her youthful looks will just blow you away. Don’t let that teenage, innocent look confuse you. Tsubasa babe will impress you with not only her looks but also her prowess in front of the camera.

2. Sora Aoi

This beauty is one AV Idol currently dominating the Japanese (and by extension Asian) porn industry as well as the mainstream industry. In addition to that, the 34-year-old has enjoyed a successful acting and singing career which has given her the ‘idol’ status in the whole Asian region. To demonstrate her popularity, her videos have attracted a massive 40,400,090 views with her profile getting over 8,887,297 hits. I think it would be safe to say eruptions are bound to happen.

3. Ameri Ichinose

Ameri, born on 09/16/1987 started her porn acting career at the age of 20 going by her stage name of Erika Kurisu. She later upgraded her boobs through implants and changed her name to Ayaka Misora. She then changed her name to Ameri Ichinose and has been since using that name. Her changes of the name have however not interfered with her beauty, and she is easily one of the hottest AV Idols from Japan right now. The less I talk about her videos, the better.

4. Julia

Julia is currently one of the most successful Japanese porn stars, with her porn videos bringing in more money than most of the rest. Born on 07/05/1987, Julia is blessed with devilishly good looks. With her J-Cup sized tits, she has a combination of attributes that would make her hot in any country. She is quite clearly a porn queen, and after I checked what she has to offer, I was left in no doubt why she is the most downloaded AV Idols.

5. Aino Kishi

Aino is a former soft-core model who made her debut in the porn industry in 2008. The rest, as they say, is history because she has gone ahead to establish herself as one the most successful AV Idols from Japan. The 29-year old has featured in video games, music videos, and even tried her hand in Japanese professional wrestling. Once you’ve watched her videos, you will realize that she is also far from a one-trick pony.

6. Momoka Nishina

Momoka Nishina is among the AV Idols with J-Cup sized tits, this beauty born on 05/24/1991 debuted on the scene in 2010. She has featured in hundreds of videos ranging from straight, lesbian, and solo videos. With her videos garnering over 26,773,323 views, nobody will be questioning her popularity. Oh, and she can indeed ride a cock. Her videos will prove as much, and you will be stunned by her beauty!

7. Maria Ozawa

The level of success this lady has achieved is incredible. She was born on 01/08/1986. Ozawa is one of the most popular AV Idols currently working in the adult entertainment industry. She has also recently ventured into non-Japanese companies to lift her profile to global status. With such beauty, the sky cannot contain the level of her success. Her library range from the beautiful to bizarre and I’m sure you won’t be too surprised to find a handful tentacle videos when checking out this beauty.

8. Ria Sakurai

28-year-old Sakurai has quickly established herself as one of the fastest rising superstars in the Japanese porn industry. Not only that she is armed with a petite frame, but also incredibly good looks that can elevate your sexual appetite. I feel that Sakurai has everything it takes to make men and women drool over her aesthetics. Be the judge once you’ve watched her videos.

9. Tina Yuzuki (Rio)

It doesn’t matter which name you pick (whether its Tina, Yuzuki or Rio), but there is no denying that she is undoubtfully among the hottest Japan AV Idols. Not only is she an award-winning AV Idol, but Rio has also had her part in acting and has appeared in numerous mainstream Japanese films. Let me just say that her acting skills coupled with her beauty will impress you. I have a feeling I’m not the only one who thinks so.

10. Kotomi Asakura

There is nothing least about this Kanagawa native Kotomi Asakura when her videos have accumulated over 33,304,574 views. Although the 30-year -old may look like a young teenager, you won’t have this impression once you check out her videos. Both her looks and talent as depicted in her numerous hardcore quality movies will carry you away.

This top 10 hottest Japanese Pornstars list may not cover a bunch of acts that you may feel they rightly deserve a spot. However, I’m sure you agree that the AV Idols in my list are all smoking hot.

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