The ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lovers) Talk

Psychosexual infantilism and adult baby syndrome happen to be some sort of sexual fetish that has people regressing towards infantry. Adult babies wear diapers, use baby bottles, and also engage in nurturing experiences. They may also be attracted to masochistic, coercive, punishing or humiliating practices. “Diaper Lovers,” on the other hand, wear diapers for sexual or erotic only and might not subscribe to infantry. But there are those individuals who subscribe to both AB and DL. These make up the ABDL community. Mind you, they literally urinate and defecate in diapers.

While there is literally so much complex information about all this over the internet. I thought the best way to actually be able to understand what the ABDL community and practices are all about was to talk to someone who is deeply rooted in it. Someone like Mindlessly Diapered or Paigey. She is an adult baby at 25 years living in her own nursery full time. Apparently, she sustains herself using her YouTube channel and website You can also find her across all social media platforms, including Snapchat and Instagram.

I must warn you about her diaper wetting and messing content thou in case you are the squeamish type. Not to sound too gloomy; however, she’s also got some awesome 4k roleplay, taboo, and kink videos featuring things like watersports, CNC, impact/spanking, sadomasochism, DDLG, desperation play, BIG bad dragon toys, stretching, anal, gaping, fisting among others. Interesting, right? Well, I hope you have fun reading what she had to say over various issues and concerns over the ABDL community below here.

What does ABDL really involve?

ABDL consists of two major parts. ABDL stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover, and although commonly grouped together as one kink, adult baby and diaper lover are two separate fetishes. Adult babies indulge ageplay (acting and pretending to be infantile/little – this CAN be sexual but does not have to be).

Is ABDL a psychological issue?

No, ABDL is not a psychological issue. Still, it CAN be beneficial to people who are dealing with other psychological issues. Most adult babies and diaper lovers are entirely normal, psychologically healthy people. Some people do use ageplay and diapers as a comfort/coping mechanism (indulging ageplay can help make it easier to be a functional and decisive adult when we need to be). Still, I believe that mental instability is not a central factor in ABDL as a whole.

Is ABDL just diaper love or some sort of gay fetish?

ABDL is an adult baby diaper lover fetish, and it, like most fetishes, is open to all genders, sexualities, and ethnicities. Only requirements are either ageplay (AB) or diapers (DL).

How comes most ABDL fanatics are dudes? Does it mean the baby’s brain is not common with women?

There are almost as many female ABDL’s as there are males. This fetish is widespread among all different types of people, but men and women do tend to indulge it differently. The ABDL community seems male-dominated because it’s generally Males that are more vocal about their fetishes. (Example: a man who posts about a fetish on the internet might find a few people to talk to about it. A woman who posts about a fetish on the internet get their DM’s overrun with people that incorrectly assume “I have a kink that I want to talk about” means “I will share my kink with you”)

Is it medically safe for men to use diapers, or will they have their dicks shrunk?

Yes, it is medically safe to use diapers so long as you are hygienic and clean yourself regularly and properly. I have not heard anything anywhere that would make me think diapers could affect the size of a man’s junk, sounds like a myth to me.

What are the common reasons for anyone wanting to be an ABDL fanatic?

I don’t think fanatics is the right word. This is a fetish for some and a lifestyle for others. People who have the fetish rarely “choose to have this fetish,” however, people who live the 24/7 ABDL lifestyle absolutely make a choice to do so. I can only speak for myself, but I choose this lifestyle because it makes me happy.

What are the best websites to purchase diapers for ABDL fanatics?

There are a lot of great options for ABDL diapers, some available on Amazon, but my personal favorites are:


At what age do most people discover they are ABDL’s?

This is different for every ABDL: some people find this fetish during puberty, some people never stop thinking about diapers as they grew up, some people randomly find it on the internet as an adult, and light just clicks on in their head. I personally have always been very childish, collected toys, and liked to pee my pants, so when I stumbled upon the ABDL fetish as an adult, I knew this was a lifestyle that I was meant to Live.

Do the mommy’s or daddy’s of the ABDL’s wear diapers too?

Sometimes! Everybody indulges their fetishes differently, and it is not unusual for the caregiver partners to indulge in a diaper lover side. (Remember, diaper lover and adult baby are two different kinks, although they are often grouped together)

Do ABDL’S wear diapers to their place of work old school?

Some do! I am 24/7 in my diapers, so I wear them everywhere without much thought. For some people, wearing diapers in public is a fetish in itself. Some people keep their ABDL fetish behind closed doors only. It is different for everybody, but the one thing that is ALWAYS important about wearing diapers in public is to make sure you are discreet. ABDL is a kink, and it is not okay to expose yourself openly: think consent. You never know who may be around.

In your own assumption, what do you think diaper companies like Pampers feel about the ABDL community wearing their diapers?

In my personal opinion, I think that diaper companies like pampers probably don’t think much about ABDL’s at all because most adults cannot fit into them. Many Major medical diaper companies (like Northshore) have noticed that there is a lot of money in ABDL diapers, so they are now catering to BOTH people with medical needs, as well as adult babies!

If you were explaining to someone why you are ABDL, what would you say?

It makes me happy. The things that brought me joy when I was young (collecting dolls, playing with rattles, stuffed animals, cute clothes, wetting myself, being fed, nursery rhymes), all still make me happy as an adult. I live this ABDL lifestyle because it is the life that I feel most happy living.

Besides a baby bottle and diapers, what else do I need to become ABDL?

Everybody indulges their ABDL fetish differently! While you don’t technically need anything to get started in ABDL, My top recommendations for adult baby diaper lovers who are just starting out are to get some of the basics in order to find what YOU really like.

  • Adult-sized pacifiers
  • Adult diapers
  • Baby bottle
  • Toys/stuffies you are interested in
  • Onesies that snap on the bottom
  • Rattles

Is there such a thing as being born ABDL?

Well, we are all born as literal babies, so no. This is the question of nature vs. nurture, and I believe it can be both. I have a very childish nature that led me to be an ABDL as an adult. Some people wish for diapers throughout their childhood, never knowing why. Some people never consider it until they see it, but once they find it, then they relate.

What is the difference between ABDL AND TBDL?

ABDL is strictly for ADULTS 18+ because it is a fetish that can be sexual in nature for some people. TBDL is nonsexual, and for MINORS, so I do not interact with or have any other information about that community. ABDL and TBDL DO NOT interact with each other.

What do you call sex between an ABDL mummy and Daddy?

I don’t know, I believe you would call it sex. Some people probably have nicknames for it, but I have never heard of any “coined terms” meaning sex between a big and little

Do ABDL mummy and Daddy have sex with ABDL’S, and what is the term for it? Can you describe the sex of submissive extreme or humiliating?

Every ABDL indulge their fetish differently: it is sexual for some, it is no sexual for others. For people who indulge in ABDL sexually, there are a lot of different ways they can do so.

Some ABDL’s are very submissive to their caregivers, some enjoy the humiliation and the embarrassment of infantilism (somebody treating them like a baby), some people enjoy how safe and comforted they feel in sexual situations knowing that their caregiver is taking care of them, some people enjoy diapers in chastity play, etc. ABDL is interesting because it can be grouped with almost any other fetish and still work: I personally am sexually very dominant, even though I am a lifestyle adult baby diaper lover. My caregiver is my submissive, and he changes my diaper and takes care of me as an act of service and worship to me.

Isn’t having sex with an ABDL more like raping a big ass baby?

Not at all. Adult babies are very obviously adults: we have adult bodies. The kink of ageplay, or being an “adult baby,” is more about control than anything. As a top, having an adult baby means that you have an adult person who has submitted all control to you, and this person now depends on you in every way to take care of them. It is a power exchange relationship between adults.

Mindlessly Diapered

Do you think there is some sort of stigma surrounding the ABDL community? Why?

Well, the last question you asked sort of answers this one. ABDL is considered one of the more taboo kinks because people wrongfully associate it with minors. ABDL is all about consenting adults indulging in ageplay and diapers.

Are there celebrities the ABDL community can relate with?

Hmmm I do not know of any specifically ABDL celebrities, but a lot of ABDL’s relate with the music of Melanie Martinez because some of her music has a very whimsical ageplay vibe (like her album cry baby)

Do ABDL’S end up being diaper dependents?

For most people who indulge this as strictly a fetish, they don’t wear 24/7. But for people who do wear diapers all the time, it is possible to become diaper dependent. But I don’t think that is absolute, and I don’t believe it naturally happens. Diaper dependency (for me) is all about mentality. I trained myself to diaper dependency using Pavlov’s theory. I do not know of anybody who has become medically incontinent by wearing diapers 24/7, but it is possible to become “voluntarily diaper dependent” and to retrain your body to be diapered.

Are there different types of ABDL personalities, and what about them?

There are SO many types of people who indulge ABDL that I feel like any sort of blanket personality descriptions would do injustice to the community. All sorts of people enjoy ABDL, and it is differently indulged by everybody, but if I had to name a couple of types: AB (ageplayers), DL (diaper lovers), people who enjoy it as a fetish, and people who enjoy it as a lifestyle. Remember that adult babies and diaper lovers are categorized together, but they are separate fetishes.

Are there ABDL communities one can join for support?

Absolutely! There are several places to find ABDL communities. My personal favorite communities are Reddit’s r/ABDL (for discussion) and r/girlsindiapers (for photos). There are other community forums to be found, too, you just have to look!

On a daily basis, how many diapers do ABDL’s use approximately per day?

I can’t speak for all ABDL’s, but I personally use 3-5 ABDL diapers each day.

How affordable is this ABDL sort of lifestyle?

ABDL is an expensive lifestyle, to be certain. Diapers are not cheap, and neither is ageplay gear. You just have to decide whether it is worth the price to you. Medical diapers are significantly cheaper, but unfortunately, their quality is not as good, and they can lead to rashes and discomfort more easily than ABDL diapers, as well as having significantly lower capacity.

Where can one get cheap ABDL products?

You can find some decently cheap good quality ABDL products on amazon and eBay, and you can find very cheap stuff on websites like wish and Alibaba (if you’re okay with waiting a long time and aren’t too concerned about quality).

ABDL individuals, do they live on baby food?

I don’t know any ABDL’s that live on JUST baby food, because as adults, we require more sustenance than that to be healthy. I personally do eat baby food, but usually only one of my meals each day. Other meals I eat are usually things like soup, noodles, oatmeal, chicken nuggets, Mac and cheese, pretty normal foods.

This ABDL lifestyle would you term is as one most people would turn to?

ABDL is a very specific lifestyle, and while I don’t believe I would say “most people” would turn to it, I do know that there are a LOT of people who DO love and indulge this lifestyle. Everybody is different, and one fetish does not “fit all” (:

PornDude’s final words

What can I say? If ABDL is your thing, then you should own this shit up. I mean, there are fantastic people like Mindlessly Diapered. They are literally living their best life out there, and there is no fucking reason why you too can’t.

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