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The Adult Virtual Convention

The Adult Virtual Convention 2014 has now pretty much wrapped. So how was it?


Stoya was listed as the feature presentation but other stars were there on other days and times including Tera Patrick, Audrey Hollander, Nicole Aniston and Tasha Reign.

Stoya’s chat was about an hour long. At first when she spoke she came off as very uppity. She even went as far as telling a story about how she would rather pour bleach in her vagina than have sex with a certain male performer. Since we didn’t know her problems with the male performer in question the whole thing came off very awkward. If you stayed with the chat it got better, but the first half hour wasn’t pleasant and she came off badly. She finally loosened up and the chat improved towards the end and you actually got a look at someone who seemed pleasant and you wanted to get to know.

She did bring up one really good point – in terms of safety and health, “we are slinging misinformation around on both sides” and in the end, nothing is really getting resolved. I have to give her kudos for addressing that issue openly and honestly. “To be a more legitimate business, regulation comes with that”.

The show overall was rather interesting. There were technical problems, especially those who used a MAC over a PC. This caused problems with presentations for girls like Audrey Hollander who in the end only was able to do a in game meet and greet (no sound – typing only).

Tasha Reign’s Q&A was great. She was all dressed up in full hair and makeup. Her connection was clear and she spoke confidently and came across wonderfully. She has a real pretty blonde cheerleader look about her. Did you know she was a former Playboy model?

Audrey Hollander’s Q&A was text only but she had some interesting insights to how long it really takes to make a single movie and why there are far more female porn stars than there are males.

Nicole Aniston’s Q&A was voice only and also lasted about an hour. She touched on the importance about staying grounded and being healthy. She recently became a vegan and talked about how she feels that has improved her overall health and how that helps her on screen performances. That part of her chat was interesting. She other interesting tidbits of her chat was that she didn’t masturbate until she was 23 and to this day she’s never had a one night stand.

There was a virtual party at a shark club or something like that where Joanna Angel made a surprise appearance and she danced around with everyone at the event.

The seminars were impressive. Those of you who attended one called “The Art of Fetishes” with Kelsey Obsession. It was a great chat and if you get a chance to see her speak in the future, I highly recommend it.

There was another great workshop called “Social Media Marketing for the Adult Entertainment Industry” with Lauren MacEwen. Great advice about using Twitter and Google+ in terms of the adult industry.

In summary I think the event was good but could have included more seminars for my taste. I think the show is a unique mix of a fan and industry event. That is actually was seems to be the problem – if it was just a industry specific show it would have more workshops like I wanted or if it were a fan event then the guys wanting to meet more porn stars would have gotten what they wanted.

For what they had, I was impressed. Minus the technical issues for those poor guys with MAC computers, it went pretty good. Even those guys who had issues with connecting in game, they still had the ability to watch the show via a live stream on the web so I liked that a lot.

I think the show could improve by specializing. They need to decide if they want it to be a fan show or an industry show and then build up things from there.

Still I give them credit for what they did have and look forward to seeing what happens next year.


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