The Alex Gonz Interview His Hep C Status and the Timeline

I want to start this by thanking Alex for coming forward and for inviting me to participate along with Peter Warren a scumbag and liar who fucks girl then promises a sure AVN bet win and it never happens. Dan Miller from XBiz who more likely will be fired sooner or later.  I hope that my presence in this makes them reconsider leaving anything out of the story which they will.

Alex gave a very thorough timeline starting in Dec of 2009 or January of 2010, he confirmed as I reported previously that he had tested at AIM at the time and had tested positive for Hepatitis C.  At the time Vivid was requiring the test.

He then proceeded to get a secondary test and noted specifically that Jen and Bobbi from AIM (now with CET) had cleared him for work as a result of the secondary test.

Fast Forward to June 2013 when he goes to CET and gets tested again, he noted that many performers were declining the Hep C test at the time because it was not a required test. He expected to get the standard test panel but was also given the Hep c test without his knowledge and of course it came back positive.

Bobbi at CET told him that it wasn’t  necessarily an active infection and that he would always have antibodies and they cleared him in APHSS to work.

He was given two test papers, one with the standard info and one with the Hep C info.  He was cleared to work in APHSS so he continued to work thinking it was the same thing as his previous test in 2010 or thereabout.

After two weeks he tested again at an APHSS approved clinic and was again cleared to work.

Two weeks later he again tested and was cleared to work, Mike Seigal(sp?)  verified his status in APHSS on July 31st.

The first week of August he was scheduled to work with Lisa Ann by Mike Adams.  At this point Lisa Ann asks for a copy of his test, which he sends.  She then asks for a Hep C test, which at the time wasn’t required.  Alex believes that Lisa Ann, at this point knew his Hep C status, she started texting  him on August 9th, when she told him that he was not cleared for work in APHSS.

Again Seigal checked APHSS for him and told him she was right he had his status changed sometime between his last test when he was cleared and Aug 9th.  Even though he had not tested during that time and he had not been notified that he was not cleared for work.

At this point Lisa Ann texted him that “If you are willing to prove that Derek (Hay) knew (that he was Hep C positive) you are off the hook.”

The clear indication being that she wanted to implicate L.A Direct.  Derek made the statement that he had no knowledge of Alex’s test results and why would he?  This was also stated in a press release on August 12, which was the day the story broke.  Lisa Ann began tweeting about it on August 11.

This raises the question of who went in to APHSS and changed Alex Gonz’s status to not available.  It wasn’t done as response to Lisa Anns tweets because she hadn’t yet started tweeting about it.  It had to be someone associated with the FSC or with APHSS and it was apparently done to back up Lisa Ann’s claims, no other explanation fits.

Meantime Alex goes to his primary Care physician and requests an STD panel with hep a b and c testing,  he tests positive for Hep C antibodies but a viral load test shows a level considered to be “non infectious”. He is referred to a Gastroenterologist who gives the same opinion but refers him to a Hep C specialist who again tells him the same thing but suggests another test, Alex requests the most sensitive test that can be done.  That test comes back with an active infection but only in very minute amounts.  This is a bit of a quandary because at this low of a level they dont consider him to be in any danger or presenting any danger to anyone else and would not normally treat him because of the toxicity of the treatment.  but without the treatment he cant be cleared of having an active infection and it is also an expensive treatment that the doctor says his insurance likely will not approve.  So Alex cant perform.  he states that he would like to stay involved in the industry but not as a performer and that he will not perform until he is 100% cleared of any active infection.

This scenario brings up some interesting issues.  The first being  how was he cleared back in 2010? and the second being how did Lisa Ann (and others) know that Alex had tested positive for Hep C.  The answer to the latter may lie with Bobbi at CET, who was telling people that Alex was probably like her husband and just had the antibodies but not an active infection.  The truth is she shouldn’t have been talking about Alex at all, and even though she means well I’m sure, this is not the first time that CET has leaked private medical info, either willingly or inadvertently.  They certainly leaked Cameron Bay’s viral load to John Stagliano.

When I asked Alex why he waited until now to come forward he replied that he wanted to have all the answers on the testing, which makes sense considering that since finding out he has been to 4 different doctors for testing.

The two things that stand out to me here are Lisa Ann’s offer to let him “off the hook” and the mysterious change in his status in APHSS, I do not believe that those two things are a coincidence, though we will likely never know who made that change unless Christian Mann wants to show me the database logs that probably aren’t even in existence anyway.

I do know that Rob Black has publicly taken credit for tipping Lisa Ann to this but I am also told that some people in performer circles have known of his status for a long time and that it is unlikely that it really came from Rob, who likes to take credit for things he really didn’t do.

I would like to thank Alex Gonz for coming forward and I sincerely wish him the best.

Just so there’s no here say about what Lisa Ann said:



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