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The Amazing Raven Alexis is Fighting a Tough Battle

Raven was amazing in Hustler’s Ghostbusters!

On July 7th  Raven Alexis announced on Twitter that she would be taking an indefinite amount of time off from the adult industry to deal with an illness. Of course everyone wanted to know the details but she asked for her privacy. Fans and friends have been sending her hundreds of well wishes.

She has tweeted about being in a lot of pain and not being able to keep food down. Sadly, on July 10th Raven started talking about having cancer. She’s undergoing treatment and taking meds.

She tweeted “Got enough energy up to go do my one deed of the day, wig shopping. Wow, it was depressing. Good wigs cost a lot of fucking dough, and there were girls in there shopping for wigs to go “clubbing” … took everything I had not to cry… ? Guess I’ll be rocking a GI Jane look for the next few months”

“4 the record 4 those who haven’t picked it up from my tweets. I’m not pregnant or just retiring. I’m fighting advanced metastatic cancer.”

“it’s been diagnosed as inoperable … trying the treatment and staying positive … miracles happen ? “

“I’m trying 2 have some semblance of privacy while still letting yall know in case it can encourage someone else fighting the disease.”

I want to give the beautiful Raven her privacy. I will only report occasionally on what Raven tells us and won’t be asking for any details she doesn’t want to share.  I hope you will follow her story and  just send her love and positive thoughts through twitter. She really enjoys receiving the support of her friends and fans.

We LOVE YOU RAVEN! Get well soon! (you are pretty great too Dirt, just saying…  )


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