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The Astrid Star Navy/Marine of One #DWI #Drugs #AstridStar

For those of you who don’t understand how WordPress works, in the admin panel, you can see every single IP that posts a comment. It’s not uncommon for people to have several alts, this is really prevalent on lesser sites, it gives the outward appearance the site is actually more popular than it really is.

Normally, I don’t care, we have several readers here with alts. Most of them are talent/production who don’t want to out themselves, and we are totally fine with that.

And unlike other sites, I normally don’t delete comments about me, or other writers, unless they delve into areas that are of absolutely no relevance to the post, the site, or porn.

Last week, after Astrid Star attacked another performer, I made fun of her for claiming to have a “top secret clearance” as well as her saying she could have a performer” banned from porn.”

It was one of those one and done posts, but Astrid decided to reach out to me with threats of legal action. This is a huge no-no,  I’ve never caved to that threat mostly because the premise of most of my posts is using your words against you. I save the 5000 word essays for the guys who write for pussy and meth. We keep it simple here, and for 10 years its worked.

You see Astrid, I couldn’t care less about you as a performer, you’re nothing to me, just another girl who got off the bus looking for fame. You think because you’ve gotten naked and fanboys prop you up, you’re someone we should be in awe of, you’re not. I’ve seen a 1000 girls like you come and go, dumb asses who believe what the guys who wanna fuck them say.  I’m not like the bloggers, writers, reviewers, and fans are, I truly don’t care if you don’t like me.

So when you come to the site after an auto tweet goes out and try and insult me, it doesn’t work. It just leads to you getting blasted again. For me to care about what you say would mean I have to value who you are as a person. I don’t.

Astrid, the rest of this post you brought on yourself:

First, lets go over your tweets:

You claim to have been an 8 year veteran in the above tweet…

Below, you made 2 claims, one that you’re a 10 year veteran, and the other “I WORK for the US Navy”


Now, I’m not an Ivy league graduate, State school actually, If it’s currently 2021 and I subtract 2008, I get more than 10 years. You attempted to lead people into thinking you’re still in the Navy using the word “work.” Trust me when I tell you the Navy would kick your ass out if they knew you were doing porn.

On your own LinkedIn, you said you were only in for 4 years.

So which is it? Your story isn’t adding up.  You think maybe if you didn’t lie so much people might believe you.

Here Astrid, I’ll let you get a word in:

I never talked down on the Military, I talked down on you for you very obvious lies about length of service. I do have evidence, you wanna see some it? In 2012 you were arrested for DWI.

Do you know what happens to ACTIVE duty military when the get arrested for DWI off base? I don’t, I’m just a guy with a blog that no one reads but you.

Here are some more site comments, these are all from the same IP.

LOL. Astrid uses the exact seem phrases on her Twitter account.

Again, all comments from the same IP. It appears that Astrid was also in the Marines, and I should be scared.

Once again the again same phrases are all over Astrid’s social media and personal messages. lol

But she did some deep research on the Devil Dog

It’s the first one that pops up. Yes, Astrid is super smart

I have never seen anyone throw around the term veteran as much as Astrid does, she’s the one that walks into IHOP and demands a discount because she did nothing but draw a check for 4 years, much like Tucker Slain. A fact no one ever debated, I clearly stated in the OP, you may have served for a few years, but you lead everyone to believe that as the ashes were falling from the towers you went all Rambo and ran down and enlisted. You lied about your service time and were too high to see the mistake, oh yea, I forgot, you’ve never done drugs.

Arrest Details

I’m sure the cops planted those drugs on you,  you’re Astrid Star, 13 year navy Veteran with top secret clearance, and judging by the comments left on the site, former marine who’s a huge fan of TRPWL, even though he’s a “raper” with a “small penis.”

FYI, The only one who calls it the 911 war is you, no one says I’m a “911 veteran” either, just you.

It’s the “war on terror” you stupid fuck.


So the next time you pretend to be 10 different people, use the proper terminology.


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