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The AVN Show & Pics

I arrived at the beautiful Diplomat Hotel for the AVN Show Thursday night. I had some drinks, played poker and lost at the Porn Poker Tour. Then I hung out in the hotel room with Tony Batman and Sherri Z ( Black & Blue Media) until I fell asleep in the middle of our conversation.



Sherry was there to do her Publicity thing for the boys of Minka Studios & Pleasure Dynasty. Here is some of the gang along with Tony Batman and a hot babe they had at the booth.


One very cool thing at the Minka booth was this brand new not on the shelves yet Panasonic 3D TV! My picture (without the glasses)  doesn’t do it justice. It is amazing to watch the footage these guys shot live and then watch it on TV. You definitely want to reach out and touch… her ASS!


Such a cute toy! I couldn’t afford to buy one for everyone I know that deserves to own one. But Sherry got one for me, you think she was trying to tell me something?


I had never seen a Fleshlight before, actually I had never seen some of these girls pussies, asses this up close and personal before. The material they are made of is incredible. It is softer than real skin. I can definitely see the attraction of this toy. MIght just have to get myself one, for  review purposes only of course!


I didn’t see Bree Olson there, and this is certainly NOT the next best thing, but it was way better than a walmart greeter when you walk in the hotel.


My choice for best marketing. Cheap, easy and eyecatching. These were all over the marble floors of the hotel.


That shiny fake penis can be used to get off your girlfriend. Or you can put your own member in and out of  the hole while the La Palma glove is vibrating.


Now there is someone who works out, standing next to someone who gives a sexy new meaning to pussy. They are both wearing shorts and boots, that’s it. The rest of the “clothes” are painted on.

Besides the novelty floor, there were lots of great seminars going on, and a bunch of  web businesses had cabanas out by the pool. I visited every booth, cabana and room I saw. The only people I never found were those from Bluebird Films ?

Even though there were tons of people there that I knew, you never end out getting to hang out with everyone you want too. It always works out that way at conventions. So Steve J., you still owe me sushi!

Since I hung around with Sherry’s clients a lot I want to give them a shout out- Minka Studios (Juan Vargas) provides full service 3D HD video technology to adult production companies, large and small. Minka Studios rents their 3D camera rigs and provides a trained 3D engineer, to allow any production company to shoot in professional quality anaglyph or polarized 3D HD video, on location or in the Minka studios. Minka Studios also provides post production services to produce fully edited and mastered video, ready to deliver so independent studios can sell it as streaming video for the internet or to package as DVD product.
Pleasure Dynasty (Carlos Cavero) is an adult production company that shoots amateur and pro-am videos in both true HD and 3DHD for sale through their membership site, and also available for distribution deals covering the normal channels of DVD, VOD and broadcast media. Their lines include the parody series ‘Repo XXX’ and ‘Boobers Calendar’, along with voyeuristic themed series “Stolen Vacation Videos’ and ‘Stolen Home Videos’. See all their releasing titles at

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