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The AVN SHOW Seminars- 3D: Fad Or Future

NL-I told you all i am going to the AVN show. This is one of the seminars I would like to attend (provided it’s not early in the morning tho, come on I need my sleep, lol)

Miami, Florida – Minka Studios founder, Juan “Nikko” Vargas will take part in the “3D: Fad or Future?” panel discussion on Friday, August 6, 2010, in Hollywood, Florida during The AVN Show.
Sitting on the “3D: Fad or Future?” panel with Vargas will be J. Lalls, Daniel 3D and legendary producer and director Axel Braun. Moderated by AVN Associate Managing Editor, Steve Javors, the panel discussion promises to be an eye-opener for many in the industry that are still undecided on whether to venture into 3D productions for adult.
Vargas has no problem answering those that are timid concerning 3D productions. “3D is a great opportunity to increase revenue in the adult industry. I hope to be able to dispel some of the common myths about stereoscopic video production on this panel. One of the greatest myths is that 3D production is very expensive. That is simply not true. Production of 3D video can be done economically and the returns are worth the extra investment over a regular HD production.”
Vargas founded Minka Studios, and during the past 14 years his crew has applied many different types of technology to 3D production. When Vargas started using 3D camera rigs, they were designed for open space and very static positioning to produce good video display. However that has changed significantly in the last three years. Vargas said, “We have developed a proprietary 3D camera rig that is very mobile. It is lightweight, can get within an arm’s length of the performers and can be used in any location the camera man and the director choose. We have produced 3D videos in association with Pleasure Dynasty that have the feel of reality shows, using the 3D rig just as you would any hand-held video camera. It gives 3D high-definition quality, while allowing for so much flexibility in shooting, and that is what the adult industry needs.”
Minka Studios is offering the entire adult industry the ability to produce 3D video, by providing production and post-production services from their Florida home base. The packages include location shoots and editing and mastering of the finished video. For information on Minka Studios production facilities and packages for all adult entertainment genres, please contact Vargas by email to [email protected]

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