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The Ballad Of Johnny Castle

I was checking out (though not in a gay way) Johnny’s profile on Exotic Star Models (it says he’s only available for softcore) and his website

His website (run by the gay powerhouse Falcon Entertainment) says:

What is it ABOUT JOHNNY?

He’s an athlete, a model, a risk-taker and a lover.

Of course it’s a great body. The guy’s got a killer chest and washboard abs. And some people would be quick to mention those “sensuous lips.”

Or maybe it’s the “bedroom eyes” – sometimes half-closed yet always fully attentive. . .

And, it’s important to some that he’s – how shall we phrase it? – “well-equipped.”

But what do most people notice first. . . and many remember later? It’s a kinduv vulnerable, “Jersey Boy” charm uniquely coupled with that unmistakeable “New York City Guy” ATTITUDE!

By the way, he’s a pussycat.

Johnny was doing boy-girl for a while but he was bad at it. Maybe his heart wasn’t in it. But he was good looking so producers kept hiring him and he kept failing.

Castle started living with porn star Jenaveve Jolie (who used to be married to Kris Knight) and stopped doing scenes. He now only does solo. He’s a big hit with the homos. Flipfloperotic blog says:

Castle has done alot in his 23 years including two degrees and a lot of travel. He also loves sports and was a star college athlete. Not that porn stars are idiots mind you but most people don’t want to believe they can be smart, sweet, funny or intelligent. People believe they only focus on the physical, apparently Castle is different.

Castle’s body is fantastic and he works on it every single day. It’s big and ripped and reportedly his skin feels like butter. He gets the foot thing and has posed for foot-related sites and prefers to work fully naked and barefooted.

Though he hasn’t done a boy-girl scene in about eight months, Johnny has bought a house. Those solo scenes must really be paying off.

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