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The Best Adult Movies, Stars, Scenes this year are….

NL- Great question about who should be up for the awards this year and which movies stand out. Thank you K.  What are the best porn movies you’ve seen this year? I think the season started last October. What was memorable to you? What scenes? Who are the hot rising stars?


Off the top of my head, I can only think of one big budget movie that flew OVER the radar (lol) and that is DP’s Top Guns.  I haven’t seen Star Wars yet, I am hoping it’s as great as it’s potential. I also have the Hulk right here waiting for me, lol.

I loved Hustler’s Ghostbusters, Raven Alexis rocked it!, Hustler’s Lady Gaga, where Helly blew it out, Also the group scene in Gaga, is nom worthy.  Hustler’s TSA, Your Ass is in Our Hands, was a really cute movie, with solid sex scenes, especially Diamond Kitty & Evan Stone  in the bathroom.  It was the best couple’s scene I have seen this year.

I really like the whole concept of DP’s new Cherry series, and so far it’s amazing.


That’s my thinking out loud, how about you?   I’d like to continue this discussion as you & I see new movies.

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