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The BEST Mainstream Movie So Far This Year- “Another Earth”

William Mapother (Actor), Brit Marling (Actor), Mike Cahill (Director) | Rated: PG-13

This low budget indie that shined bright at Sundance will wow you with it’s tense original thought provoking storyline. I was on the edge of my seat from the first shot until the last minute of the film.  But not because of hard hitting action, or over the top CGI. There is none of that here. What keeps you watching is you just HAVE to know how this intriguing story is going to turn out, Here’s the description-

This “deeply emotional…extraordinarily profound” (USA Today) film became a must-see sensation at the Sundance Film Festival. “Beautiful, bright and fearless” (Associated Press) newcomer Brit Marling and fan favorite William Mapother (TV’s “Lost”) star as Rhoda and John, two people whose worlds collide after a tragic accident. Their intimate drama plays out against the astounding discovery of Earth 2, a parallel world that poses provocative and fascinating possibilities. Does a new Earth mean a chance at another life? Another destiny? Another self? “Another Earth is science-fiction at its best” (The Hollywood Reporter) — with a mind-bending surprise ending that you will never forget.

Love, loss, death,  amazing acts of  contrition,
forgiveness, and unexpected super natural happenings combine to make this a must see. It will stick with you long after the closing credits. Perfectly acted, and amazingly written. This movie opens with a punch to the gut and closes with a quiet gasp .9 1/2 out of 10

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