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The Bill Margold Experience by Jeremy Steele-part 2

The Bill Margold Experience
Part 2 OP/ED by Jeremy Steele
(Read This With Someone Who’s Fucked)


February, 2005: Fast-forwarding to 9 years later; I’m still  performing in the porn business. At this time, due to a friend’s constant urgings, a  man starts following me around on and off porn sets for the  purpose of making a documentary on the porn industry from mine and
others’ porners’ personal perspectives.
At one point, the producer (who Bill would later refer to as “the  strange asian man”) met with Bill to interview him and get his
opinions. Bill, of course, was more than happy to talk and when asked by the producer how many tapes he ought to bring, Bill said to bring as many as he can and that he’d fill them all up.
Bill then asked the producer what he was planning to do with the money he makes off the project and the producer answered that he  would give a portion of it to P.A.W.. This response caused Bill to light up and smile with pathetic glee.
Fast-forward to a couple of more years later. The documentary  is still unfinished, at this point. Meanwhile, I was on set to  participate as talent for the great and soon to be late porn director  Ron sullivan (aka Henri Pachard). This is the infamous set which  was run (into the ground) by psycho-vulture Amber Lynn, who came out  of nowhere just in time to grab dictatorial command of an altruistically-based project, then subsequently scream psychotically and inexplicably at lots of people, treating well respected directors  and crew people like shit and causing directors to walk out and refuse to work with her.
In the end, money for the project was missing and Amber Lynn refused to  give up any releases of the footage that everyone participated in for free, so that it could be edited and sold, with the proceeds going to Ron’s sky-high medical expenses.

In her highly deranged mind she would later claim that the footage shot was “hers”!

While on the set, I was walking by Bill, while waiting to work,  with things running well behind schedule, when suddenly Bill blurts out  loudly, for absolutely no reason, that when that documentary I’m in  comes out I will be blowing my brains out (ie; shooting myself in the head)!
I couldn’t believe what I just fuckin’ heard! He certainly wasn’t  speaking with any style of teasing or sense of humor (as he never does).
After the shock and anger, I thought to myself, “What if I were to tell  this to the producer? What if I’m hypothetically influential in this  production and tell the producer this asshole doesn’t deserve any of  his or our dough?” (I’m not claiming I have such influence, only suggesting it was  a possibility he should have considered) “…Why is this guy STILL dissing me after all these years?”
Curious, I asked the Producer if he had divulged any juicy tidbits about the documentary and he said “no”.
At this point, this “suicide” comment (which reminded me a lot of the comment he made years back about Savannah), along with, more importantly, his public support and whole-hearted defense of Amber Lynn’s literally insane and criminal  behavior (which included sabatoge and causing emotional strain upon a man who was dying of cancer, which is absolutely unforgivable) was BEYOND the final straw!
From that point on, I began to FINALLY express my personal opinions of old Bill here on LIB.  It hadn’t mattered to me before that I had also heard  from others that he had made additional stupid and disparaging comments  about me, such as calling me a “squirrel” (I still don’t ] know what that means) and that I’m not a great star like John Holmes or Lord Tom Byron. Why he ever needed to say these things, especially as a counselor, I’ll never  have a clue. 
A few more years later, and recently, while attending the OSHA meeting on AHF  proposed mandatory condom legislation, Bill, upon seeing me, bellowed out  in the hallway during break time that I was a “piece of shit”. I walked up to him and then he said mine and others’ claim that he  “lives off of P.A.W.” was false. He insisted that he has not used one penny of money made for his own living expense and demanded that I publicly retract my statement. He also said he could provide tax statements to prove his claim. 
Then after I asked him how he makes a living, he barked back that it  was “none of your damn business!”.
He then reiterated and amended the comment which was the final straw in the first place; that he looks forward to when that documentary comes so that I’ll blow my brains out. I told him that the doc at this point probably is never coming out so sorry to disappoint him.
This shows how fucked up Bill is regarding what he said in the first place about me killing myself; After I pissed him off he can’t  even top what he once said that pissed me off! 
So, let me say for the record, I here and now, admit that I do not know for a fact whether or not Bill Margold makes any money off P.A.W. and for his own uses. However, I do know this:
A. When I called P.A.W. for help years ago, all he did was talk about himself. Additionally, all these years I’ve known Bill, he has been nothing but derogatory to me, even as I was always civil and kind to him.
B. He actually has defended psycho Amber Lynn, who took money  (which was missing) and caused Ron Sullivan much unneeded emotional pain  and suffering while he was at his weakest and dying, refusing to give  up production releases so that the footage could be sold for Ron’s  benefit.
C. Non-Profit Organizations in the truest sense rarely really  exist, if you consider the fact that people are employed by them, with salaries, at times egregiously large, and donations which are at times not fully and honestly accounted for. So, you decide for yourself, if he makes any money or not. Also consider the fact that he told me it was none of my damn business when I asked him how he pays his bills.
Bill is an extremely deranged man. He has said he “hates” our own Cindi,  (even though she is always kind and respectful to all of us, more than a lot of us deserve), and calls Lukeisback the “worst” adult site on the net. This is hard to believe considering some of the sites out there.
Bill Margold insists that he is the foremost authority in the adult industry, due to his long tenure. But what he is completely clueless about is the  fact that his opinions about people and things are whacked, so it  doesn’t matter how long he’s existed around the porn industry.

Not only does he act like he knows everything about the porn industry; he acts like he knows everything period. He once said, for example, the movie, “Casino”, sucked, while I and many others think it is a fine film.  

His belief that he knows everything is dangerous. Case in point:
Last year, my current girlfriend, Lucky Starr, moved into Max Hardcore’s  guest house. Originally she moved in because, having moved to L.A. and looking for a place to stay, she was told she could live there, along with other girls, free of charge in return for doing live webcam work. Additionally, she was told she would make money working there.  At the time the operation was being run by Craig Valentine.
At one point, after meeting and talking to Bill at Jim South’s office, Lucky asked Bill’s opinion about Craig and the Hardcore residence, and
he replied that Craig valentine was “a great guy” and that  he’ll “take good care of you”.
Yeah, he took good care of her alright…
It turned out that, according to Lucky and several other  girls there, they were “pressured” into having sex with Craig Valentine (who they describe as both a “fat and unattractive man”),  if they wanted to keep living there. 
It also turned out that Lucky and other girls worked there 30 hours or so per week, and in spite of the promise to both the talent and the
Hardcore house of earning money for all their webcam work, the fact is little to no money at all was made.
Lucky told me that for two weeks work (approximately 60  hours of webcam work) she made a grand total of $44 dollars and 50  cents! 
I was also told that Craig kept telling all the girls that he’s good friends with Evan Stone and that they both co-own Max’s  house, which is a complete lie, through and through.
This reminds me of Craig’s threat to me a few years back, after I  had a verbal spat with him, that he’s a good buddy of Rob Spallone and that I better watch out because Rob is gonna come and get me. Little did that idiot Craig know that I’ve known Rob many
years longer than he has and that Craig was obviously full of shit.

Eventually Craig was kicked out of the Hardcore house, as he had promised to make them alot of money. Little money was made  to meet the promises to and expectations of the Hardcore house. Also word got back to the Hardcore people that he told the girls that he owned the place, which the Hardcore people didn’t appreciate.

After Craig Valentine was kicked out it was then discovered that Craig had charged over $800 worth of UPS shipping costs to the Hardcore house and that he still has not paid them to this day!
This is the man Bill Margold proclaimed, with complete self-assurance, to Lucky, that he was a “great guy”. This is just but one example of
the point that with arrogance comes ignorance. In fact, the greatest minds and contributors in history are usually very humble in the
face of knowing that the more they learn the more they know that  they do not know, within this great, vast and mysterious universe.
In contrast, Bill’s maxim has for many years been “God created Man.  Bill Margold created himself”.
Well, at least we don’t have to blame God for Bill Margold.  
I think of the phrase “drinking the ‘Bill Margold’  koolaid’, that someone once mentioned on LIB, which I found funny.
I will admit. Bill Margold is definitely one of a kind. (And thank God for that).
However, his PAW has sharp nails (which swip with callous disregard)  and no honey.
And it turns out that, after all, this international man of mystery was just a international man of misery.
It seems we all need his counseling like we need another asshole. And, for all intents and purposes, Bill IS that other asshole.
Currently PAW’s or Bill’s website says that PAW might not  be around much longer. I say go figure and good riddance.
If you were actually of help, Bill, I’m sure with the  constant revolving doors in this business you’d be rather busy and helpful. 


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