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The Brilliant Joe Brandi on AVN, Mike South, and the bottom line…

Joe Brandi writes-

Pay close attention my dear droogs. AVN is sinking faster then the SS Minnow and despite what you may hear the Skipper & Gilligan and blowing up the life boats and heading to shore.

Do I have any proof of this? Yes and no. Look at the economy and then take a quick look at the website. What do you see? Not much going on there as far as sponsors, advertisers or fun. Just alot of fluff and boring stories (like this one) and you don’t have to be Einstein to see the writing on the wall.

Can they survive? 10000% YES. Will they….hmmm, I’m not sure but “I’z see’s what I’z see’s” as Popeye says and what I see is a bunch of bullshit by publicist who need to kiss their ass saying nothing is going to happen to AVN. All so they can get a press pass.

You get a guy like Mike South saying he knows first hand nothing is going to happen. I read that guys articles. He doesn’t even know what is going to happen to his own site and he runs it so how the hell does he know anything about another website 100%?

I understand everyone who is in this racket of blogs/columns/publicists etc., all have to act as if they are King Balls, but lets call a spade a spade here. Most of these guys are short, ugly, horny fuckwads trying to get into these events with a press pass and camera so they can catch a feel.

The bottom line is that the way this market and economy is nothing and no one is safe and can guarantee security. Cash is King and these major websites have too much wrapped up in fluff to say for certain they can keep their doors open especially while free porn is running rampant on the net.

If AVN did close the doors what is going to happen? The industry doesn’t have an award show? Who cares! It sucks and boring anyway at this point. The pornstars themselves don’t want to sit thru “Best Anal Gangbang by a Midget Performer”. They are all looking to buy coke from guys name Dan in bathroom stalls and start their night of binge drinking.

If there is no award show don’t panic. Someone will come along and create a new one that will have new bells and whistles for 3-5 years. Someone will create a new “News” website to pick the slack up and write about a new Dildo that Doc Johnson came out with. Its really no big deal and will have ZERO impact on you at all.

Do I want AVN to close? Honestly, I could care less. They are not putting anything in my pocket or yours and that’s all I really care about. It’s a boring company now based on a boring industry now. The website is nice, but if I get one more fucking email about buying a booth I will shoot myself. I’m not buying a booth. I’m not going to the convention and honestly the prices are insane. Hello…. this country is almost in a depression and they are charging a billion dollars for a 3 x 3 cubicle….

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