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The Canyons- James Deen & Lindsay Lohan Pics & Blog

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Snippets from James Deen’s Blog at
and pictures from The Canyons Face Book Page at

James Deen & Lindsay Lohan

“i have been working from about 6pm to 7am every day.  they have a bunch of night shots to get so that’s when we have been shooting.  it has been fun.  today there was a beautiful rainbow and everyone took pictures of it… then there was a less beautiful scorpion that very few people took pictures of.  my brain is turning into cotton candy due to the odd sleep hours…

The Canyons Filming James Deen Lindsay Lohan Movie Experience Party
that title makes kind of sense right?  it is an experience filming party of the movie the canyons… right?  oh shit… i should have put the word adventure in there.  god damnit.  well no looking back now.  so i don’t know what i am allowed to talk about or not.  i also don’t know what type of pictures i am allowed to post.  i stole this one from the internet so i guess someone from the production already posted it so it must be ok.  i am tired.  there are some cool shirts on this set so i am going to start doing a picture journal of the different cool shirts on a daily basis.  i am tired.  then end”

NL-This is cast member Nolan Funk. I guess everyone gets naked!

NL-this is the house they are shooting in.

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