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The Case For Censorship

Casper comments:

Nina [Hartley] writes “So, like him or hate him, we must stand behind Max’s right to be offensive. It may be him, now, but they’re gunning for all of us.”

Well Nina, you couldn’t be more wrong on this and neither can any of your friends who have posted above.

Censorship CAN and should be used on occasion. Hollywood polices itself all of the time, why do you think we have the MPAA? Just because you have shot something, that simply does not mean that it can be shown. Nina’s misguided ideas, usually compounded by liberals thinking they know better than most, suggests that it’s a shooters right to be offensive, well, that’s simply nonsense.

With that logic child porn is “ok”. Why not? I mean really, if there is no boundries then why should shooting a girl under 18 but over 15 be illegal?

There MUST be some accountablility in what shooters and porn companies produce and distribute. You guys are no different than Hollywood. Hollywood supports freedom of expression, that’s why it’s called showBUSINESS. But they also understand that not everything that comes down the pike should be allowed. Again, that’s why we have the MPAA. if a filmmaker makes a film that the board deems too violent or too sexual, they slap it with an NC-17, the kiss of death to those of us who make mainstream films because they know that we will never be able to get a good distribution on the product.

The problem with Max is simple, he’s simply trying to convince people that he’s talented, that he’s pushing the boundries when in actuality all he’s doing is proving that he has no respect to his own craft.

Max purposely goes against the grain with what I believe society has already said is a product that we as a society must never allow. Sure, there is a genuine fear with following this line of thinking, but folks, let me remind you of something, having a democracy does not entitle you to do whatever you want, say whatever you want without being checked once or twice on ocassion. Sure, we have liberty, but in a fair and responsible democracy we also have limitations and responsible behaviour and Max has again proved that he simply does not wish to go along with the limits most civil people have set. An that’s fine, but if you play with fire then expect to get burned on ocassion.

Again, Max is getting his due and so he needs to learn to accept it and remember that there is a line you cannot cross.

This is the real problem with the adult industry as there is no real line of accountability. It’s like the wild west. but I believe that very soon if the industry does not straighten up I believe the Feds are going to make that line even more clear. And they should if the industry don’t step up and do what’s right. There should be an established board like the MPAA everyone adheres to, but I fear it’s going to take a Governmental kick in the ass to make it happen, or fear of one.

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