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The Colonel Checks in on the HIV “Myth” Story

Op/ed by The Colonel

I just checked in, and I have to admit I am disappointed and shocked by this article posted on LukeIsBack, a web site that both the adult industry workers and fans read on a daily basis. If this conspiracy theory was posted on fringe blogs that claim the world is being run by shape shifting, blood drinking lizards, or that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Soviet robot, that wouldn’t be too surprising, or more importantly, dangerous and damaging. Imagine a fresh off the bus girl who comes to Los Angeles to get into porn and make some quick cash. She has no real life experiences, no scientific knowledge, nothing. Then she’s unfortunate enough to check out this web site and read this *industry bombshell* and be convinced by its baseless, irresponsible, reckless, unscientific claims. Next thing you know, she catches HIV, on a porn set, during a private encounter, how ever. Since she’s been convinced by this article that HIV is a myth, therefore she does not seek treatment for her symptom which eventually turns into AIDS and kills her. Cindi, Jeremy Steele and Clark Baker, you will be directly responsible for such tragedy.

I have nothing personal against any of you, and have no desire to get into piss fights with anybody. So I’ll ask Jeremy Steele, Clark Baker and anybody else who denies scientific HIV facts a direct, simple question for which I expect a direct, simple response: Are you willing to prove your claims by exposing yourselves to HIV virus? Will you agree to prove your claims by being injected with the blood of a HIV positive patient, record that on film, and chronicle your next steps? In other words, will you agree to knowingly and willingly contract HIV and treat your symptom how ever you suggest it must be treated so you can blow the lid off this conspiracy, as you claim, once and for all?

In 2004, Morgan Spurlock claimed that McDonald’s foods are unhealthy. In order to prove his claim, he made a documentary movie titled: Super Size Me. In it, Spurlock put himself on a McDonald’s diet, recorded his daily activities and the negative changes that diet had on his health (weight gain, increase in cholesterol, mood changes, etc.) Are you willing to make a similar documentary in which you’ll be injected by HIV positive blood and then chronicle your life on film for a certain period? If not, explain why. Enough with conspiracy rants and new age hippie slogans. Conclude a documented study and make a stand for what you claim you believe.

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