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The Colonel Salutes Brilliant Flynt

 (NL-The Colonel wrote & sent this to me on Thursday afternoon, I’m afrid I was unable to get internet service and post it until just now)

Generation Axed

By The Colonel


I tuned into CNN this morning, and not to my surprise Larry Flynt and Joe Francis and their porn industry bailout proposal was one of the headlines, but what surprised me was the way CNN was representing and  analyzing  the story as if it’s a serious agenda and not just a hoax, they even got into a heated debate and started speculating reactions of democrats and republicans and so on. And guys, this is what freaks me out: people in this country have become so politically correct, so obsessed with hotel/bar conversations and so ignorant that they can no longer see and distinguish the thick line between fact and fiction, humor and tragedy, and serious news and tabloid hoaxes. In today’s America the most reliable magazine is not Time , it’s National Enquirer, the most important TV program is not 60 Minutes, it’s American Idol, and our news commentators are not Harvard University professors, they’re desperate suburban housewives with a highly inflated sense of their relevance and influence. This is what America has become: the home of the stupid, the land of the moron.


America, love it or hate it, but you can never change it, only a fool will keep on hitting his head against a brick wall thinking and wishing he can change it. Once we were a great, solemn nation, an inspiration to the world, but now look at us, we’re a disgusting, foul global joke, we and our retarded evil leaders, our ridiculous national debt, our cancer friendly junk foods and our trash TV and it’s 24/7 broadcasting of lies, misinformation, stupidity, sloth and despicable celebrities. No wonder we’re internationally scorned and hated.


So what about the future? Well, what about it? You reap what you saw, you create a system that is highly capable of producing and developing stupid morons in an overpopulated dying world which is running out of all resources,  so what do you expect, a miracle? It’s a simple equation: garbage in, garbage out.; and it’s nothing new under the blue sky. Fucking Romans could tell you if they were still around.


Now let’s go back to Uncle Larry and Joe his evil minion and their porn industry bailout plan. CNN report mentions 13  billion dollar adult industry is in turmoil. First things first: the size of the adult industry can and will never be determined due to several facts, for example a big chunk of transactions in this industry are cash transactions, from the dealings between performers and producers to producers and distributors and so on, and they leave no record or track , another big chunk of transactions take place between domestic producers and foreign buyers (retailers, vendors, cable channels, etc.) and the money goes into off shore bank accounts, again, without leaving any record or track, and finally everybody lies in this industry: producers exaggerate the quantity of products they sell, performers exaggerate the amount of work they do and the amount of money they make, and the circle of lies goes on and on. Therefore, there is no certainty about the size of the adult industry, never was, and never will be, but it sure is much smaller than 13 billion dollars, the number some industry parasites took out of their asses and shoved into mainstream media’s throat.


Larry Flynt is an interesting guy, he has a macabre talent of mocking hypocrite, ignorant America and spit the government’s bullshit back at it’s face, he lost and sacrificed so much over the past 30 years, and the best part is he’s still pulling it off, he’s still sticking it to them and leaving them with their thumbs up their asses. They still don’t see and don’t understand how he’s fucking with them by his sardonic comments and disdainfully humorous proposals, so they keep on debating and analyzing his cruel jokes while Uncle Larry is laughing all the way to the bank.


You did it again, Larry.  I salute you.                


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