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The Colonel says “Color Me Black”

Color Me Black
Op/ED By The Colonel

In the wake of the 8th anniversary of 9/11, we stand where the Roman Empire once stood: a fallen nation divided, under debt with a military force stretched too thin due to 2 seemingly endless wars and on the verge of a complete economical and social collapse. We’ve been staring into the abyss for far too long, and now the abyss is staring back at us. I have this powerful feeling that we’re in a turning point in history, that we’re about to witness the demise of American civilization. Strangely, I feel fine; I feel no regret, no remorse and no sense of urgency. I’ve become insensitive, and I have to tell you it’s not such a horrible feeling after all.

Recently I was watching the War, an extensive documentary about the World War II directed by Ken Burns. The veterans who’ve been there, fought the fight and witnessed unspeakable atrocities were explaining how they became emotionally numb and detached during the war. They were saying when you encounter so much bloodshed, death and suffering, horrible things that you know can happen to you and your loved ones any given minute, and more importantly when you learn the awful truth that there’s nothing you can do to prevent what’s coming, consequently you give in to destiny and become emotionally numb and detached. You can ask any soldier who’s been in a war and he will tell you that.

I’ve never been in a war, because I never believed, I could never justify fighting and killing to protect the interests of a group of criminals disguised as the people’s chosen government, hell bent on global domination and destruction of all life forms from humans to animals, forests and everything in between. I’ve never been in a war, but I’ve witnessed the atrocities, and perhaps the greatest atrocity of all is ignorance: pure, unbiased, unprejudiced ignorance. The ignorance that breeds misery and tragedy, the ignorance that wages wars and the ignorance that elects criminals like George W. Bush and his colleagues and puts the loaded gun in their hands. So eventually when they turn the gun on the very people who have elected, trusted and supported them and pull the trigger and create such devastation as 9/11, I bear in mind that people are getting what they’ve been asking for, what they’ve deserved.  Perhaps that’s why I feel no affection and sympathy, then.

I feel sympathy for the widowed and orphans of Afghanistan and Iraq whose lives were shattered under the boots of American invaders.

I feel sympathy for the animals whose habitat from the rain forests of Amazon to frozen fields of Antarctica have been destroyed by evil, greedy, vicious corporations.

I feel sympathy for an old, sacred planet, lying on her death bed after centuries of human abuse and corruption and insanity.

But I feel no sympathy towards the events of 9/11 and American invaders recently fighting overseas. They made their choice, the choice to elect criminals to represent them and follow those criminals into crusades for oil, money and control. What American people have done, has came back and continues to come back to haunt them unless and until they wake up from their slumber, take matters into their hands and preserve and save what’s left of their country and their civilization.

Color me black.  

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