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The Colonel Writes Columns For LIB


By The Colonel

Consider this an introductory note, a foreword of some sort. Cindi and I exchanged some emails, she asked if I was interested in writing articles on LIB, and I said yes, let’s do something. The truth is this is a labor of love for me, I’ve always been a friend of Luke Ford, and even though I didn’t agree with everything he said and done, but I’ve always loved and respected him for what he is: a decent writer, and a daring journalist. I followed his work for the past decade, at times, I have contributed articles to his different websites without taking credit for it, because I believe as long as an interesting and/or important issue is discussed, it doesn’t matter who’s discussing it. This time, I think Cindi, another good friend of mine, prefers I take credit for my articles, and that’s all fine with me.

I’ll write as often as I can, whether one article per week, or more, or less, and I’ll write about a variety of issues including but not limited to the adult industry. I wouldn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, you know, I don’t have to, either, because as adult people, I’m sure there are many things that amuse us, entertain us, scare us, and effect our lives, so why not talk about most of them, while we can? On the other hand, don’t worry, I know it’s an adult news/gossip site, so I’ll write enough about porn and whores and hookers and drugs and shattered lives to satisfy all our morbid obsessions, in the meantime, don’t jump your guns anytime you see me ranting about the decline of the western civilization, or how the government is fucking  us the ass, or why you need to go see a certain movie in theater, or, whatever, you know.

I appreciate your feedback, guys, and remember, The Colonel loves you.

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