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The Colonel Writes on “The American Way”

The American Way

By The Colonel

I remember a scene from The Sopranos in which Anthony “A.J.” Soprano, Tony Soprano’s son, talks to his therapist after being diagnosed with depression. The therapist asks him: Why are you unhappy? A.J. responds: Look around us, how could you not be unhappy? You must be an idiot having your head shoved so far up your ass that you can’t see and realize what’s going on, maybe then you could be happy.

Isn’t that the cold, hard truth of today’s America?  It’s amazing, in fact mind blowing how drastically and beyond anybody’s speculation this country is changing and how pathetically people give up their freedom and compromise their dignity and their notion of right and wrong just so they can hold on to illusions of happiness and prosperity in their borrowed homes until the repo man comes knocking on the door and send them to sleep on sidewalks of skid row. Until then, everything is fine and dandy. How could it not be? We’re Americans, for fuck’s sake. We’re Americans, and in god we trust; in fact we trust everybody and everything: we trust god to do what’s right for our nation, the government to protect our country and the media to tell us the truth.  And man oh man, aren’t we constantly rewarded for our trust. Take for instance the media: there are written guidelines and protocols issued by the authorities and the CEOs in charge of corporate media which instruct the media personnel on how to broadcast the news, how to twist the facts, how to be very selective with the issues and how to maintain the illusion of prosperity and stability during these turbulent times and as this country is going down the history’s gutter. Let’s review an example: two weeks ago when  Jaycee Lee Dugard was found after 18 years of abduction, rape and imprisonment, how much coverage did that story get and how many analysts talked about it? The answer is not too much and not too many.


Let me emphasize on the importance of this story:  Jaycee Lee Dugard was abducted at the age of 11 by Phillip Garrido, a religious nut job and also a registered sex offender who was on parole and under supervision. Nevertheless, he managed to abduct and imprison Dugard in his backyard, of all the places, he constantly raped her for 18 years and had two children with her; and finally got caught when he walked with Dugard’s children into the police office to get permission for conducting a religious ceremony. Otherwise, he was still doing what he’s been doing for the past 2 decades without being noticed by the law enforcement, let alone being bothered. So the logical question any person with half a brain and even less dignity might ask is: if this is not a complete, miserable, utter failure of the system we trust and pay to protect us, then what is? If the media as the society’s voice of consciousness doesn’t have the responsibility to question, criticize and condemn such failure, then whose responsibility is that? How come every time somebody offers free lemonade or returns a found key chain to the lost and found office, that’s the big fucking news and an example of American humanity and generosity; but when government lies, banks cheat and criminals rape and kill, the media prefers to look the other way and sweep everything under the rug and pretend as if that never happened? The answer is clear: the system is broken, and the media is a part of the broken system. As Jordan Maxwell so eloquently notes:  the word system means the sewer in the Latin language. The ancient Romans used to call their sewers the system. So hypothetically speaking, that explains the deep shit we’re in today, deep shit, the American way.


Is there still hope? I don’t know.  But what I do know, is it comes down to each and every individual to be aware and vigilant and seek his/her truth, happiness and prosperity on his/her own terms, free from the church, free from the government and free from the media. Free from the system.  Forget about the American way, folks. It’s gotta be your way, or there would be no way at all.


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