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The Colonel’s Non-P.C. Opinion on Words, Criminals & Jack Venice

It Pays To Play

By The Colonel


Allow me to throw in my two cents about Jack Venice’s rape trial, but first I need to explain where do I stand.

I remember a scene in Dirty Harry where the chief of police is criticizing Harry Callahan’s methods in dealing with thieves and murderers and rapists, and tells him we must act according to the system, everybody deserves a hearing and trial. Harry replies: When I see someone chasing a woman in the park with a knife, I don’t ask questions, I just blow his head off.

It was that kind of mentality which made this country a great place: stand up for yourself, if somebody beats you, beat him back harder and give’m all you got, be all you can be. But today’s generation has become a pussy generation who allows a bunch of corrupt, homosexual scumbags to write embarrassingly ridiculous laws and shove them in their throats under the pretence of preserving their wellbeing and safety. These days, everybody needs a counselor or a psychiatrist to explain to them why their lives suck and they’re fucking losers. In showing sympathy for the devil, more people are siding with criminals and are becoming insensitive towards victims. In search for the politically correct, non-offensive language, they butcher and sacrifice as many words as they can: you don’t have to call somebody retard, they’re mentally challenged, you don’t have to call somebody disabled, they’re handicapped, you don’t have to call somebody who sucks stranger cocks on film for money a  prostitute, they’re adult performers, as if playing with words can change somebody’s quality of life and living conditions; a retard still can’t put on his own pants even if you call him mentally challenged, a disabled person still shits in a bag even if you call him handicapped, and a prostitute still sucks cock for a living even if you call her an adult performer.

The result  is a worthless generation of idiots with no love and respect and understanding for anything, a generation of morons who are confident they’re intelligent and righteous and entitled to everything, and therefore can and will justify, forgive and forget every imaginable crime and every unimaginable cruelty: in their depraved, perverted, twisted view, internet piracy is not thievery, it’s file sharing, murder is not sin, it’s an uncontrollable outburst of violent emotions, rape is not crime, it’s a sexual fetish, and invading other countries is not warmongering, it’s liberation, besides, it makes good material for  video games.

Where do we go with all this? How far would we go? How would this end, and what price should we pay? I’ll let you think and answer those questions.

But as far as for Jack Venice, the evidence and testimonies indicate that he consumed alcohol, broke into people’s homes, and tended to rape a girl in her sleep. If he could get away with that, he would have a very entertaining story to tell his friends at their parties for the rest of his life, but now that he’s caught, are we supposed to feel sorry and show somewhat of sympathy for him? Not in my book. You play, you pay, Jack. Just deal with it.  See you in nine years, or maybe not.

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