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The Data War, Wikileaks….

Op/ED by BigRed

First off let me start by saying this Wikileaks/cablegate thing is absolutely fucking insane. I’m going to catch you up on what the hell is going on with it as of 1230p today (NL-Friday at noon, my fault for not posting sooner) . In 8 hours I bet there will be some new craziness. Don’t worry, I’ll go slow.

In the beginning, Wikileaks came out with all these cables on the U.S. and damn near every other country containing behind the scenes or almost behind the scenes stuff.

Things that nobody really wanted to come out came to light. Politicians flipped out and some want Wikileaks founder Julian Assange brought up on espionage charges or tried as a foreign combatant for what the site released.
Julian Assange was wanted or re-wanted in Sweden on rape/sexual molestation charges. Or as Glen Beck said “surprise sex” (Dick).  After being in hiding for a few days he turned himself in.

Here’s where the internet gets all screwy. Wikileaks got hacked with a DDoS attack basically slowing the site to a 90 year old driving on the highway at rush hour or stopping the site for awhile. That was our buddy Jester, a hacktivist for good.

Now, our other buddies over at Anonymous got there hands in the pot. They put this whole issue under there Operation Payback banner.
Quick recap on Op_Payback. They attacked Hustler a short time back for there part in the copyright cases that are going on in the Adult world and in “regular” movies and music.

Now back to Cablegate. Wikileaks was taking donation from people before this whole thing went down from Pay-Pal and I think Amazon.  Both sites pulled support to WL thus cutting the funds coming in. Visa also had there hand in the donation hand out pot. They also pulled out from the action.

There’s also Twitter accounts for Op_Payback, and other Anon factions.

The Twitter accounts were shut down but are now up and running. There was rumblings of hitting the Twitter servers and the attack would last for a while. So, no issues.

Now as far as Visa and Pay-Pal, both hacked. Don’t worry, you should be safe as far as you accounts and info.
Do me a favor, sit down.

Sitting? Good. They caught the guy who hacked the sites. He’s Dutch. And 16. Yes, a 16 year old hack not one but TWO I guess you would say “major” servers. When I was 16 I was trying to get drunk & laid. Hell,16 years later I’m still trying.

From the hackers point of view this is all being done in the name of free speech. And in a way I can see their point. Its just like making a picture of Christ on the cross out of shit and calling it art. Or a picture of a cum shot in motion, name it ejaculate 14 and say its art. Both have been done by the way. Its a very fine line and I’m not sure if there’s middle ground on this one.

Now here’s what I need. I need everybody to chill out for the next week or so because I have way to much stuff to do. Between playing daddy, the wife, 2 jobs, the dog, girlfriend, reviewing porn, Christmas I don’t have time to deal with your little internet fight. Let me get caught up. Ok? Now go outside and play football. Chase a parked car. Something constructive.  Damn kids and your Nintendos.

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