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The Death Of Icons

Steve York posts on XPT:

I’ve been contemplating this question for a few days and was wondering what everyone’s opinions are (and it was a coincidence Luke posted the Larry Flynt shooting article today about his lawyer as I wondered what happened to him too):

I got stuck watching E!’s The Girls Next Door, (the Playboy Bunny show) and couldn’t help but think how terrible Hugh Heffner looked. The guy’s 80 now and looked like he could have croaked in any scene. A few friends were discussing Playboy and how instrumental he’s been in its longevity (and they all still thought he fucked all the bunnies…tee hee…my friends were also surprised to hear Playboy’s bleeding cash left and right with foolish business decisions.)

I’ve been thinking in general and strategically about the next five years in the world of porn; I doubt Hef will live that long to tell you the honest truth. Additionally, I doubt Larry Flynt will survive the next five years either. Realistically with the two male icons that have existed pretty much throughout the modern history of pornography in the United States passed on, what will happen to Playboy and Hustler given that so much of their brand recognition and respect (or what’s left of it) depends on these two figures?

Are there contingency plans in the works for these companies in the event one of their founders/publishers croaks?

What will happen to their flagship magazines and brands? Continue on or die out?

I’m interested in everyone’s opinions on this. Would you continue to buy their product or magazines once their founders are in the ground?

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