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The Death of Juliet Anderson aka “Aunt Peg” Suspicious?

Story still in progress. Please check for changes and updates…

UPDATE 8:13 pm- The note was found by Kevin Fong, the friend of Juliet’s who found her dead. But Kevin found the note on a trip BACK to Juliet’s apartment the day after. So the note was posted after she had been found dead. Besides the Biker, there is another neighbor who disliked Juliet, this neighbor has been described to me as “an angry black lady who is  literally schizophrenic”.

When the police were contacted about the note, they apparently said that since the note was found after death it is irrelevant, because the apartment had already been searched and nothing found shows foul play. Also now there are supposedly some forensic tests being done on Juliet, but we may not have results for months.   Keep checking back,  I will have more. Looks like I am getting a copy of the note found on the door.

My info is from very reliable sources who would have no reason to make this stuff up. But since I am not there and cannot see it for myself, you have to consider this rumors. And I am trying to piece this together so there might be a bit of conjecture and some holes.

We are actually hoping a mainstream newspaper or big site picks this up and does some investigating.  Miss Juliet is scheduled to be cremated without an autopsy and that would destroy evidence of any wrong doing.

It has been reported that Juliet was found by a friend of hers. What was not reported is that there was a note on Juliet’s door that said “Good Riddance you fucking old Bitch Witch”

Juliet had several problems with her neighbors, especially one man who has been described to me as a “biker”

Juliet did have Crone’s disease, but was in good health otherwise, and Crone’s disease is not a killer.

The coroner’s office is not investigating. It seems that the police department is doing no investigation into the note.

Could there have been foul play in Juliet’s death? If that note is for real, things sure point in that direction. BUT the note could have been posted after her death.

Updates to follow…

If you have friends in mainstream press please pass this on to them…

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