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The Details would make you cry…

Long story short, it took me 3 days of driving agony to get to Bnghamton NY. There was a blizzard in NC, where they closed the schools.  We drove through it. Then there was an accident on 17 which is a tiny road through the mountains. So stuck there, means you.. just… wait…in a long line of cars and you have no idea why you are waiting.


Tonight, all my family that gathered met up at my aunts house for some food.

My wake up up call in the morning is for 7am. There is a mass for MOM at 10am, then the brunch. at the American Legion which is where she hung out, volunteered, and bartended.

So you have my agenda for tomorrow, thank you 4 caring….. 

There will be bagpipes playing, and bubbles blowing…..






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