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The End of TRPWL? Hatler Gurius and 1000 Models Say It Is #HatlersIndustryWarning

Hatler Gurius

I will be the first to tell you that last year was a bad year for TRPWL. Myself and the TRPWL News team lacked focus, we had no real people to fuck with. Sure we hammered out Astrid, Bartholet, and a few others, but mostly we lacked direction and purpose. But now, the TRPWL News Team faces its biggest challenge ever, a drug-addicted moron with the backing of……….. 1000 Models

Yes, Hatler Gurius, the photoshop penis guy as he is known in the teen circles, is not only suing us, but he’s bringing 1000 models with him, not 1001, not 997, but a sweet even 1000. My first thought is, where is there a courtroom large enough for 1000 models, Hatler, and the TRPWL news team? That’s more people than a WNBA Team draws. Stop. Did you see how I just insulted women’s sports in a post about a guy who gets his ass creampied? That’s why I win awards, the words just flow like heroin in Astrid’s arm.

If there is anything positive I can take from all this, it’s this:

Apparently, TRPWL has more enemies than AVN, 453 to be exact. WINNING

Porn is full of people who think they’re someone, obviously this MOPE thinks he’s important :

LOL Blacklist from what? you and Astrid?  I think you’ve eaten some tainted cum bro..No One gives a shit about you, your photoshopped penis, or your new BFF Astrid.. We use you to pass the time, like a magazine in the Dr’s office,  or online poker. Sure, Ill make fun of you online, but even that will get old and I’ll move on..But you, you’re stuck being Hatler Gurius content trader for the rest of your life..


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