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The Erotic Heritage Museum Unites With Las Vegas Against Westboro Baptist Church Schools Visit

On April 20, from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. the Westboro Baptist Church will present their interpretation of the GOSPEL OF JESUS against what they call “The face of doomed American Education.” The church, led now by Fred Phelps, Jr., will march on Rancho High School and the campuses of The College Of Southern Nevada and The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The infamous religious group from Topeka Kansas will thrust their hate-speech posters high in the Las Vegas sunshine while trying to garner as much media attention as possible, with the Erotic Heritage Museum showing up to protest the protestors.

This seemingly equal opportunity hate group justifying their rhetoric under their interpretation of God’s will was begun by Fred Phelps, Sr. in 1955. Despite their leader’s death three years ago, through lawsuits, and even a minuscule membership the WBC ‘church’ pickets six locations daily. They have been present with their creative signs declaring “God hates America” or “Fags Eat Poop,” in fifty U.S. states, picketing the funeral of Matthew Shepard-for which they enjoyed major media attention-and will be out and about on Thursday, doing what they do best.

Their present leader, Phelps’ son Fred Jr., responded via tweet that he is prepared to meet the Erotic Heritage Museum head on.

“I can say with pretty much one hundred percent certainty that if the WBC is against it, the EHM and most of the thousands who come through our doors yearly, are for it…whatever ‘it’ happens to be,” Dr. Victoria Hartmann, The Erotic Heritage Museum’s Executive Director says. “And although I champion Mr. Phelps and his organization’s right to express their opinion, I can as easily declare that when a group like this slips into town puking their hatred for sexual freedom and sex positive culture, women’s reproductive rights, LGBTIQAA+ rights and sexual free speech, the EHM will be just as vocal in how positively we feel about these issues.”

Representatives from The Erotic Heritage Museum will be on hand at both the CSN and UNLV university campuses to lend support to those opposing Westboro Baptist Church’s American Education message…and everything else Fred Phelps, Jr. and his church stand for.

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